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MBAM and High CPU Utilization

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I am experiencing almost constant high CPU usage running what I believed was the beta version of MBAM Activity Monitor shows RTProtectionDaemon as the culprit. Less than a month ago I installed a fresh copy of macOS Sierra (10.12.6) onto my mid-2010 MacBookPro. It was lightning fast until I installed MBAM.

I also have Sophos Home installed (see NOTE 3 below). I figured I'd see Sophos and MBAM utilizing high CPU together (running into one another), but that does NOT seem to be the case. Just to make sure I: 1) Uninstalled Sophos and there was NO change in CPU utilization and 2) added an Antivirus Exception inside Sophos for '/Library/Application Support/Malwarebytes/' (I tested this both before I uninstalled Sophos and later reinstalled Sophos) with NO change in CPU utilization either. While I'm on the subject: 1) Should I add any other directories to the Exceptions list? and 2) I'd like to see the same Exceptions functionality added inside MBAM.

On another subject, I have two lifetime keys for MBAM. I am currently only using one of them. Will there be functionality added to MBAM to accept those style keys (please and thank you) as MBAM does NOT seem to accept them currently? How about complementary licenses for Beta testers? Perhaps licenses for those testers that actively contribute (please and thank you)?

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help troubleshoot and/or make MBAM even better than it already is.

NOTE 1: I installed macOS using a bootable installer I made using the createinstallmedia' command onto a brand new, unintialized SSD.

NOTE 2: The only other hardware modification/upgrade I have made, other than replacing the stock HDD with the SSD mentioned above, is to replace the two stock memory sticks with two Kingston 4GB sticks so I'd have 8 GB total.

NOTE 3: Other applications I have installed worth mentioning are:

1Password 6.8.1-Beta-2
AppDelete 4.3.3 (selected options to launch at startup and enable hidden mode)
Box 1.0.31 (deleted the app from User Login Items so it does NOT run at startup)
Dropbox 33.3.15
Firefox 55.0.1
Google Chrome 60.0.3112.101
IPSecuritas 4.7
iStat Menus 5.32 (730)
Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta 8.2.33 (Build: 773)
Logmein Client 4.1.6436
Logmein Control Panel (NOT running at startup)
Microsoft Office 2016 15.38
OneDrive 17.3.6945 (NOT running at startup)
Sophos Home 9.6.1 (in Get Info) or 1.2.4 (in About)
Splashtop Streamer (NOT running at startup)
TextMate 2.0-rc.4
VLC 2.2.7
VMware Fusion Pro 8.5.8 (no VMs configured/installed and changed the option 'Application Menu: Show in menu bar:' to 'only when Fusion is running').
VNC Server 6.2.0 (r29523) (runs at startup)
VNC Viewer 6.17.731 (r29523)

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I'm going to send you a direct message to help figure out what's going on with the high CPU usage of RTProtectionDaemon.

Regarding the lifetime licenses, there's no way that you can use those in Malwarebytes for Mac. However, we're still working on plans for offering replacement (non-lifetime) licenses to those who may be interested in that. Those plans are not finalized yet, though.

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