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Make Malwarebytes less intrusive


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Currently I use my Laptop often without Internet connection during train travels. And after each logon I am bombed with intrusive Malwarebytes messages about being outdated and not able to connect the server or something like that, which partially even requires to click. I know that, and I can't change that.

Please implement a way for the version and update checker to check the Internet connection first and if none is available keep the program silent.

Thanks and best greetings from Germany

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Hi OlafE,

That sounds as a nice idea. I expect some caveats around 'self-protection' but the idea sounds nice.
Until MB manages to implement your idea, the "Notify me if time since last update exceeds 24 hours" option (in the 'protection'-tab) can be turned off. This may reduce the number of intrusive messages. It is not ideal but it may save you some aggravation.


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The popup, that MWB cannot connect to update server, is more annoying, since you have to click it to get rid. Funny on a laptop with a not so good touchpad.

And the warning about outdated definitions would only make sense after the program tried to update and did not succeed, not before even attempting to update in some cases (like if the machine was longer not powered on). Disabling the notification is not an option, but let me increase the time to > 24 hours depending from my usage scenario as it was once. But these at least fade out.

Best greetings from Germany

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