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  1. I agree, a "Change my lifetime key" similar to "Deactivate all" button replacing the current key with a new one would be handy. As long as anybody who has access to a PC can read the full key and reuse it, this is an open flank for each owner of a lifetime license.
  2. Hi, I got a few license codes for friends and family in the past. If I clicked Manage Devices in the past for a key to kill off old names or verify, on which system out of my permanent range which license is installed or to reset an activation if needed), the device names were listed. Now I see a field "Device name here", where I can manually enter a name, but the former automatically retrieved names are gone. Please return the option to fetch the system names automatically. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  3. The popup, that MWB cannot connect to update server, is more annoying, since you have to click it to get rid. Funny on a laptop with a not so good touchpad. And the warning about outdated definitions would only make sense after the program tried to update and did not succeed, not before even attempting to update in some cases (like if the machine was longer not powered on). Disabling the notification is not an option, but let me increase the time to > 24 hours depending from my usage scenario as it was once. But these at least fade out. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  4. Currently I use my Laptop often without Internet connection during train travels. And after each logon I am bombed with intrusive Malwarebytes messages about being outdated and not able to connect the server or something like that, which partially even requires to click. I know that, and I can't change that. Please implement a way for the version and update checker to check the Internet connection first and if none is available keep the program silent. Thanks and best greetings from Germany Olaf
  5. I have seen only those machines stuck on version 2, which did have problems with activation due to "key usage exhausted" after manually applying the new version. All the other machines I support did automatically get at least version 3.06. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  6. Lifetime subscription keys work also with version 3. Although I recommend to screenshot the current license information before installing the update, since I experienced some cases in which I had to contact Malwarebytes support to get the key/ID combo getting activated again. Since I have no possibility to check, which computer name is still registered with a certain license, it is hard to figure out, what exactly is or was wrong. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  7. Well I just maintained a few systems. Some of those (all in identical configuration) had still version 2 dot something on them - Premium Lifetime versions. So I upgraded to version 3 manually using the most cuirrent download with an inplace upgrade. After installing all four one went well without problems. The second could be reactivated by reentering the key, the other two are not longer accepted "used on too many PCs". But they did run on the PCs until today night and then did not survive an inplace upgrade? Very frustrating upgrade experience. (And yes, these keys have been accquired through Ebay channels about to years ago, but that non profit organization I support does not swim in money to pay a yearly subscription fee easily.) What is a lifetime worth, if I cannot even reactivate it on the same PC and OS as before? Best greetings from Germany Olaf
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