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  1. Hello, as it seems, a rather high number of users currently find their lifetime licenses blacklisted or not longer working as they had been (the 3 devices - 1 license issue). (Lets forget those users for a moment, who purchased an unregistrable key at Ebay, here I am also not sure, how this could be handled without giving new ammunition to the scammers.) I wonder, if it would not have been a more recognizing (for the efforts at Malwarebytes) and even profitable way (I do not think many of those, who had lost their lifetime key the hard way will go to subscribe), to combine this change in enforcement of licensing with an offer for those, who have been affected by this like: If the key you have registered on the My Account page got blacklisted, the customer could either bring the proof of purchase from 10+-x years ago or you pay a service fee (maybe in the value of a 1 year subscription fee) to reenable the lifetime license/replace the blacklisted key. The same could go for those, who used one lifetime license to protect more than one device and cannot do that any longer with the new enforcement policies. Malwarebytes could allow adding up to two more lifetime keys to the same account which holds the current license for the same service fee. Just an idea to dim the current frustrations ... Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  2. Unfortunately using My Account and having the keys registered there does not protect from getting blacklisted at all. I found recently also two keys blacklisted, which I purchased a decade back at Newegg during one of my trips to the USA. Since the company I worked for went bankrupt and I used the company mail address, there is also no way to find the requested proof of purchase for these keys (and who would have assumed that you have to do it after such a long time anyway). The most frustrating part is, that I purchased some of these boxes for installation on PCs of family members and near friends, who now start to call me because of the non functional software after last updated. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  3. Hello, recently I troubleshooted a customer PC, running Sophos Central. Since we got messages about unwanted sites being contacted, I updated the previously installed free scan only version to the current trial and scanned the system. Did not find anything, although I visually found an appearance of the adult website in question in Firefox profile. No hints for an attempted contact to a Trojan website anyway, So I renamed that profile and attempted to restart Firefox. But from that moment it was no longer possible to browse any websites from any browser. There where Firefox processes running in background, which could not be killed. Process Explorer revealed handles from Malwarebytes tray to these processes. After closing Malwarebytes the system allowed browsing again until next reboot. Finally I had to uninstall Malwarebytes to solve the browser issue. Not sure, what exactly is the culprit (eventually some conflict with Sophos Central?), since on other PCs webbrowsing with Malwarebytes works well. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  4. Hello, in the light of the recent license issues with lifetime versions I found, that during the course of the last few days some machines without names have been registered on top of the already installed system. Interesting - I cleaned up the devices on one of these IDs and found, that I could not only activate the associated system with the key/ID combo again, but also a test on my main system went successfully - both showing up by name (but my main system shows a registration date from last year, not sure if this was the last time I used the key on that machine, before reassociating it). Since I am not fully sure, if I messed up with my notes for some family PCs, I not really like to deactivate those nameless devices. In other cases there may also be incidents, in which the keys went into the hands of others (not exactly a problem with the easy readability of the keys for everyone, who can access the interface locally), who are also activating their machines. In this context I would propose an OPTION (not to make mandatory) for the account or more granulary for the registered serial number to flag the requirement of 2 factor activation. So if a machine requests activation and the flag is set, the account owner has to login on the Malwarebytes account page and approve the request for the system. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  5. Well, with the overhaul of the license system I got another issue with some licenses purchased from 3rd party (usually via Ebay) in the past: Suddenly it is no longer possible, to deactivate/reactivate those installations, which were bound to Malwarebytes accounts of no longer existing sellers which I have no access to. Even if the keys were perfectly good for a long time, as we can see in our own accounts, sometimes stuff like updates from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or a Windows 10 Feature update triggered a new instance into existance causing to increase the count. While I can remove those false duplicates from machines in my account and it was rarely an issue with 3 possible installations, I cannot to this for the above mentioned systems anymore. Support won't do anything to let me keep those lifetime licenses, since the only proof of purchase I may still have is the Ebay sales confirmation. (And sure, some of those have also been sold as licenses for 3 PCs, which I can accept as no longer working.) But it would be nice, if devices, which have not contacted the license server since more than say a year are removed from the device list automatically, so customers can get a chance to reactivate the related keys, which where owned by them for a long time in good faith. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  6. I agree, a "Change my lifetime key" similar to "Deactivate all" button replacing the current key with a new one would be handy. As long as anybody who has access to a PC can read the full key and reuse it, this is an open flank for each owner of a lifetime license.
  7. Hi, I got a few license codes for friends and family in the past. If I clicked Manage Devices in the past for a key to kill off old names or verify, on which system out of my permanent range which license is installed or to reset an activation if needed), the device names were listed. Now I see a field "Device name here", where I can manually enter a name, but the former automatically retrieved names are gone. Please return the option to fetch the system names automatically. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
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