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  1. Hello, I have this firefox browser that keeps popping-up every time I'd open up the computer even if I don't have Mozilla Firefox installed. I'll upload the FRST and Addition files along with this post. Anyway, if someone could help me it would be really great. Thank you very much in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. I'm getting alot of pop ups, when on websites that are 100% safe like last.fm or myanimelist.net. Please help me, thank you! Malware bytes detects it and blocks the pop up and tells me it comes from "File: C:\Windows\System32\MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe" but this keeps happening every minute or so. *Logs for the popups and scans below* ( also weird thing is i installed adwcleaner but its magically disappeared! after i done a scan using it! ) I followed this guide correctly (screenshotted below) but it did not get rid of this problem. I installed malware bytes and enabled
  3. Hello, recently I noticed I started getting popups whenever chrome was open so I ran MWB and Adwcleaner and neither found anything. But I researched it and it's the www1.ecleneue.com pop up virus. Could someone help me get this off my computer? Thank you!
  4. So, I made a really dumb move by trying to downoad a programm that i knew wasn't safe and now, while I'm browsing on chrome, at random times, a new tab opens by itself and redirects me to some sports websites like "stoiximan.gr". I tried scanning my pc with Malwarebytes but it found nothing, windows deffender als finds nothing, and reseting google chrome seems to do nothing. Now I saw an article around here from a guy with the same problem and tried to follow the instructions given to him but, when i try to search for AdwCleaner, as was suggested to him, my browser crashed and, honestly, that
  5. What is Startpage Tasks? The Malwarebytes research team has determined that Startpage Tasks is adware. These adware applications display advertisements not originating from the sites you are browsing. This particular one creates Scheduled Tasks that open a browser window to an ad-rotator site at set intervals. The site that will be opened is added as an argument to the Scheduled Task. Note that the name of the Scheduled Task contains the letters in the argument. How do I remove Startpage Tasks?
  6. I wanted to uninstall malwarebytes the other day so I went to the apps folder and tossed it in the recycling bin and deleted it. Today it asked me to update my software. I restarted my computer but was asked again upon rebooting. I download the unistaller but after installing I couldnt find where it went so now I have to get that off my computer as well. What is up?
  7. My windows 7 desktop seems to be infected with some kind of adware. It has evaded multiple malwarebytes scans as well as bitdefender pro scans. There are several culprits, including puttr18, searchbind.net, pipeschannels, adsh*t, etc. These will open in a new tab at any time, even if I click somewhere random on the screen where there isn't any kind of visible trigger. They will either redirect to some scammy site or just close on their own. I have found NO way to prevent this. There appear to be no fishy programs on my computer, no fishy processes running, nothing. Initially virus scanning yie
  8. So, I've been having some problems recently. As soon as I got on the 14 day free trial for Malwarebytes premium, it's been constantly blocking this website called coinhive, which is reported with many numerous IPs and ports, and sometimes even different URLs. The usual URL is just coinhive but it can sometimes have a ws(Insert randomly generated number here) and then the coinhive URL. Its been continually blocking them non stop for the past 40+ minutes and I am currently running a scan which seems to have not found anything just yet (Its about 80% done.) Please respond as quick as possible, as
  9. Hellow everyone, some time from now i have been getting this masive popups every time a click anything in the chrome browser. The Malwarebytes points the "kjz.finetuningecapsulating.com" domain everytime it blocks a popups. Thanks everyone, hoping to read you soon. Addition.txt FRST - 2.txt FRST.txt JRT.txt Addition - 2.txt
  10. Currently I use my Laptop often without Internet connection during train travels. And after each logon I am bombed with intrusive Malwarebytes messages about being outdated and not able to connect the server or something like that, which partially even requires to click. I know that, and I can't change that. Please implement a way for the version and update checker to check the Internet connection first and if none is available keep the program silent. Thanks and best greetings from Germany Olaf
  11. System: Windows 10, latest update Browser: Google Chrome I keep getting popups and advertisements on Chrome, but my antivirus software is not detecting anything. I deleted the last file I downloaded, which was a bug fix for a video game, and this did nothing. i reinstalled Chrome, nothing. I ran AdwCleaner and it supposedly deleted something. Still, nothing happened, so I reinstalled Chrome again, but this time deleted my browsing history. This worked until I logged back into my Google account, then the pop ups returned. They do not seem to affect Internet Explorer for some reason, b
  12. Hello, I've tried everything I could find online to solve this, but nothing has actually helped. I do not have any malicious extensions or apps installed, I have tried resetting chrome, I have scanned my mac with ClamXav, Sophos Antivirus, Avast, Combo Cleaner, Kaspersky Internet Security, Bitdefender Adware removal tool and none of these found anything during the scans. Malwarebytes's scan found two things which it removed but all the rest, nothing. And every other scan with Malwarebytes comes clean. My search settings and homepage settings are all intact and there wa
  13. I upgraded to Premium because I thought it might stop whatever was causing popups in the lower right corner that appeared immediately after installing Norton Antivirus protection that came automatically from my internet provider. The premium version finds nothing although the pop ups continue. I have other pop up blockers activated but none seem to work on these lower right corner popups. Any ideas?
  14. Hi I ran several times Malwarebytes, didn't find anything. My issue is that both of my browsers: Chrome & Safari keeps showing popups every time I surf on the web and some ads on the over the site. (I attached some screenshots) Also in the lower corner keeps loading some site: ads.contextweb.com and "loading" from other sites. This is driving me nuts. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks, JP ps. I deleted all my Chrome extensions. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware system report - October 12, 2016 at 5:25:03 PM CST Mac OS X vers
  15. Hello, i thought The problem was easy And small, But i noticed That its getting bigger everyday! Recently,I Was Getting Adfly And Sh.st Popups On My Laptop (Toshiba Windows 8.1) But then i noticed its not only on my laptop, Its on all my devices, My Mom Mobile, My sister mobile Even my mobile ( We all use google chrome) I thought that it was a router virus, I rested my router but still we are getting the same problem, We tried to scan with malware on our devices but we get nothing (we all use samsung devices) This is completely weird and annoying Problem, Please Help Me.
  16. I have the latest premium version of your program. Recently, perhaps after it upgraded, I have been getting constant (every second or two) popups saying a malicious website was blocked -- over and over again. Outbound sites including Joye-Luck.com are shown over and over again as being blocked. Why do I need to see this thousands of times - or at all? These popups so annoying that I have had to shut off malicious website blocking - even though I would prefer to have it on. Before doing that I have spent over three hours using various AV, anti-rootkit, cleaners & removal tools to try
  17. Why is this search box (as shown in attached image) keep appearing above the google search. I think its a malware. I tried many anti malware software, also tried resetting Firefox, but no use. I also have recently links redirecting to ads. Its really annoying. Any help please? Also my you-cam app is running in background. I am afraid that someone is watching me through the webcam. So I am currently covering the lens. It would be nice if I could resolve the browser issue.
  18. I am having virtually identical issue. Chrome is almost unusable - completely overrun with banner ads and overlays. Clicking on anything is disastrous - opening multiple tabs to garbage malware sites, launching loud warning messages offering to sell "help" of my Infected PC. I use no proxy to access the net but each time my system boots, a program called privoxy.exe is loaded and appears in task manager. checking internet options in Win 7, i find settings hijacked and changed to the use of a proxy at 127.x.x.x and port 8110. Killing privoxy.exe process, restoring my connection settings to auto
  19. Hello, I've never used a forum before, but I read a few of your past posts and was glad to see all the issues were resolved and felt you guys were the ones to approach for my problem. I use a dell inspiron xps 15, windows 10, 64 bit system. I'm having trouble using my google chrome, whenever I open it and do a routine google search, an additional search bar drops down from the address bar and pop ups from various sites open up in new tabs. At first I thought the problem was only limited to google chrome, but I faced similar problems when I tried using Microsoft Edge too. I use webroot as
  20. Hello, I've been getting pop-ups when going into my Steam Store page. The popups won't let me click on anything until I close them and when I do another pops up. It's a total of 2 pop-ups each time, and some times it only pops up when I click somewhere on the Store page. The popups are only in steam and I don't get popups anywhere else. It is effecting 2 of my computers one is a Laptop and the other is my Desktop. I've uploaded some picture of the popups and Farbar Recovery Scans of both computers in question. I have run Malwarebytes scan both quick and full as well as Ccleaner and Adwcleaner
  21. Dear Sir, i had several malware problem so i installed advanced system care.I used a cracked version. As popups continued from google Later i used malwarebytes to remove other malware. now after restarting windows 8.1 it goes into black screen. i cant got to safe mode. Please help me.
  22. Hello, I downloaded something that I can't get rid of. I've ran several programs, deleted a few things detected, ran Malwarebytes (been a paying customer for years, it hasn't detected anything) , uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox then removed it. Installed Chrome (which I never had) and it's now doing it on there. I'll click on a link and a pop up new tab will come up. First it says Terraclick.com then it says lp.musicboxnewtab.com with an ad.. This originally started by a browser hi jack/redirect where every time I opened it, it opened into a non set homepage. I got rid of that, now I ha
  23. Hi, I've recently installed the microsoft office to my laptop, it comes with the Mircrosoft Toolkit 2.4.3. After when I am done setting up the softwares, I experienced multiple times of running programs not responding, internet pop-ups and having trouble logging into school's site. How can I go about removing the malwares and rectify the situation whereas keeping my mircrosoft offices?
  24. Hi everyone, I'm having the issue now that whilie I'm surfing the internet I'm getting these audio ads that can't be stopped, and some play in specfic tabs that you have to go to and press on the X buttom to cancel them, and on top of that there are these box ads all around the webpages now. How can this malware be eliminated? Thanks
  25. Suspected virus - random Chrome pop ups - Resolved HijackThis Logs - Malwarebytes Forum https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/124537-suspected-virus-random-chrome-pop-ups/ When clicking on certain websites that are completely safe and I have used before, pop ups such as "make money fast" or "try this miracle product" are appearing in a new tab. took little notice at first but is getting rather regularly now and more common, with sometimes every click for 4-5 clicks in a row opening up a tab. have norton and windows defender active but neither had any success. Note: did a bit of
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