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I'm not sure how I can help you; my system is stable and without error after I rolled the video drivers back.

On the settings page, under the 'protection' tab, I was getting an error message that "Malware protection" was starting; it never really left that loop, and the dashboard reported that the PC was unprotected.  As soon as I rolled the drivers back, and rebooted, the error cleared.

Attached are three three logs for today (not generated under a state of error).



FRST 64 bit.zip

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after using a Malwarebytes patch sent to me by Oscar, thru email, I tried to change my video drivers to version 378.78, to see if the patch solved the problems.

The patch is preventing me from updating my video drivers altogether.

Now I am totally screwed.

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I updated my my nVidia driver to 378.78 yesterday on my Windows 10 Pro x64 computer.  So far no issues here.  I am running two GTX580s in SLI configuration.  I always reboot when I install new drivers, so I can't say that there was, or wasn't, any issues, if one did not reboot.

Have a great day.


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The total sequence went something like this:

1. upgraded via Geforce Experience from driver 378.66 to 378.78 without apparent error;

2. immediately thereafter Malwarebytes showed an error, resulting in the loss of "Malware Protection" and no attempt to re-engage that protection worked; the program simply stalled and never loaded the protection module, even after cold and warm reboots.

3 I rolled my drivers back to 378.66 and the problem resolved satisfactorily.

4. Malwarebytes sent me a patching utility, which was designed/created as this: " Please be advised that we have just released a NEW component update to address the real-time protection issues with the latest Malwarebytes 3.0.6 build. "

5. patching with that resulted in the correct version numbers for the Malwarebytes main program.

6. that done, I again attempted to update, via Geforce Experience, to 378.78 drivers.  This time, the video driver update terminated abnormally and failed.

7. I booted into safe mode and attempted to update again, using the same driver version, but with the Nvidia stand-alone driver update executable. Again, the update failed.

8. After many efforts to delete the Nvidia subdirectory where the patch files were located (C:/temp/Nvidia), I had to change ownership of the subdirectory in order to do so, because access as a normal administrator was not enough to let me delete the folder.  I have never encountered this before, since I routinely delete these temporary folders after an upgrade completes.  Finally, I was able to delete it; I then ran the driver update thru Geforce Experience, and it completed normally.

9. Thus far, all seems stable without any more Malwarebytes errors and driver 378.88 installed correctly.

I can only surmise that perhaps something in the way of inappropriate interactions between the Malwarebytes program and the driver update utility resulted in a corrupted video driver installation subdirectory and the temporary files created by the driver update utility.  I say that because I have never been locked out, as an administrator, of those temporary installation folders before.  Something adversely affected the PC both before and after the rollback.

Please close this issue.

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