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  1. On re-reading what Maurice Naggar wrote it looks like he doesn't really know much at all about IPv4 and IPv6. He seems to be puzzled by being able to ping an IPv4 address and not getting an IPv6 error! I wonder if the same level of ignorance prevails throughout everyone at MalwareBytes. It certainly would explain a lot.
  2. I'm uninstalling MWB 4. It was a mistake to try it before the final V4 version just the same as it was with version 3 before. None of V3 releases I tried were acceptable until the final one before V4 was released. I'm fed up with being stuck on a clunky version that makes my PC freeze for several seconds at intervals while a bug with IPv6 in later versions is ignored. I keep getting told to try beta versions that refuse to install on my PCs.
  3. Why? Anyway I don't see how they help if, say, I use a web page that has a script that pings test sites. Your first link is blocked by MWB anyway.
  4. What's the mystery? IPv4 works. MWB breaks IPv6 pings. What's mysterious about that? The real mystery is why they seem totally unable to fix it.
  5. Oh great. They're not fixing it. They're making it worse instead!
  6. Beginning to lose my patience here. You seem to be fixing new bugs before you fix this
  7. Are you sure it's a full scan and not a threat scan? Full scan takes very much longer than 2 minutes on my PCs.
  8. Just disable program updates and run the MB version linked in this message:
  9. At present I have 6 Allowed files, 3 Allowed Folders, 4 Allowed websites, 3 Custom protected applications. I also have self protection turned off and scan root kits enabled.
  10. Is there any way I can try this that doesn't delete all my settings? I'm getting fed up with having to figure out how I want Malwarebytes set up over and over again every time it goes weird.
  11. Oops. Must have pressed wrong button. I'm referring to:
  12. I've tried several times to test this beta on 64 bit Windows 7. It will not install. I can't install and to reboot and try running the installer manually. But there is no installer, I can only try enabling beta updates and checking for updates.
  13. Will you post here when the fix is available? Or will something about IPv6 pings appear in the "change log" in the post announcing the new version?
  14. Interesting. I'm not aware of much else failing. I'm running dual stack so I might not notice if some websites can't connect via IPv6 because the fallback to IPv4 is fairly quick with most browsers. Maybe you're on an IPv6 only network with NAT64 and DNS64 or a similar arraignment outside your network providing your access to IPv4. AIUI in that case there is normally no fallback to IPv4 when IPv6 fails.
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