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  1. Confirming that Ransomware protection is the problem: Skype for desktop downloaded an update last night. When I pressed the button to update an error message much like those described by others further up this thread appeared. The Retry button just made the message re-appear until I disabled Ransomware protection, then the Retry button allowed the update to complete correctly.
  2. Also Windows 7 (64 bit) here.
  3. I don't remember noticing any loss of responsiveness on either of my PCs. Also I was able to manually update KeePass V2 without any problem. I downloaded the new installer, saved it and then double clicked it. As far as I remember Adobe Reader was also able to update itself from 18.011.20038 to 18.011.20040 without any problem on both PCs. So it's kind of hit and miss what works and what fails.
  4. I believe the errors I saw were that the installer could not write the new program files.
  5. File from 2nd PC (with VS 2017) mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. So far I have had to exit from Malwarebytes in order to update: a) Skype for desktop b) Visual Studio 2017 Community to the latest versions when they prompted me that updates were available. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. bdg2

    False positives?

    Excellent. Thank you.
  8. bdg2

    False positives?

    1.zip 2.txt 2.zip 1.txt
  9. It's all there, nothing is missing. What are you expecting to see on the right?
  10. It's part of the nature of reviews of ANYTHING from cars to hairspray that they don't tell the whole story and that they can be biased by chance or corruption. I really don't think many people need to be reminded of this.
  11. @plb4333 For gods sake calm down, these barely understandable rants just because somebody doesn't love Malwarebytes as much as you do nothing but make you look weird.
  12. bdg2

    Web Protection Off

    That's quite an old version you're using. You might try updating to the latest version. Im MalwareBytes go to "Settings" then "Application" and click on "Install Application Updates".
  13. 2.2 still receives regular database updates. It just doesn't have all the fancy, and troublesome, features of the latest version.

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