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  1. Sorted now. Got though to your suport on online chat and a new license key has been issued that so far works fine. The old one is now completely blocked "due to a security issue". Maybe someone had stolen it off my PC? I guess it's not totally impossible.
  2. Yes. I did manual check for update and it's fixed.
  3. Come on. Every tiime they've done a version upgrade (1.x to 2.x, 2.x to 3.x) there are dozens and dozens of releases that are simply torally unfit for purpose. As far as I remember tere wasn't a single 2.0.x or 2.1.x version that I could install on the PC I had at that time that didn't bring it to it's knees. They seem to adopt the throw something together and keep poking randomly at it until people stop complaining approach to software.
  4. Not just 3.8.3. It happens to me nearly every time recently that new MBAM software installs.
  5. Is it always lifetime licenses? If so maybe they're just hoping all holders of lifetime licenses will give up and buy yearly licenses?
  6. Same problem here. What's wrong with you MalwareBytes. Why can't your idiot programmers work out how to upgrade your software without invalidating my license????? This is really pissing me off.
  7. Updated Security essentials to definitions 1.289.1588.0 and problem is gone.
  8. So which should I choose. My PCs are at home but set up in some ways like office computers, with office type file and printer sharing rather than a homegroup but they're not on a domain.
  9. Custom built PC. (ASUS Z87-A motherboard). Generic OEM Windows 7 x64. Kingston SSD. Crashes mainly when I use PowerDVD 16 - can't play a blu-ray disk for more than about 3 minutes without it freezing up.
  10. No Intel NIC here yet with component update 1.0.508 I cannot play more than about 5 minutes of any blu-ray disk with PowerDVD 16 before the PC locks completely (mouse cursor frozen too) with a small section of the sound looping through the speakers. Nothing except holding the power button in 5 seconds to cut the power allows recovery. I've uninstalled Malwarebytes for now.
  11. I've been on for some time but no end of trouble on one of my PCs today.
  12. www.scootersoftware.com is still being blocked as riskware!
  13. I can create a directory and fill I can create a directory and fill it with hard links to large files that already exist on my hard drive and most utilities will say I have a huge directory. But it uses ZERO extra space on my hard drive. If I delete this seemingly huge directory I actually gain NO EXTRA SPACE at all on my hard drive. (Well actually I will gain maybe 100KiB that contained the directory entries).
  14. I don't think you understand hard links. The file is equally in the locations of any of the hard links. No single hard link is "the original", the location on the disk they point to is a sequence of allocation block numbers and can't be thought of as being more in one directory than in any other directory.
  15. I think this: sounds like it addresses it, or something similar.
  16. How does this utility deal with a single file that is hardlinked from multiple places in the directory tree?
  17. How do you assess how much space WinSxS is taking? It looks huge if you right click it and choose properties but that figure will probably be quite a bit bigger than it really is, some files will have multiple hard links to them from within WinSxS.
  18. What I'm saying is a lot of what's in WinSxS that remains after cleaning up is hard links to files that are also elsewhere, probably in places where you'd never consider deleting them and expect things to still work. Since they're hard links you can't gain any space at all without deleting all instances of each of those files.
  19. Isn't disk ckeanup or: Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup enough? Also don't forget that while WinSxS looks big much of it is just hard links to files that also exist elsewhere in the directory structure.
  20. The "Program Files" directories exist because they have permissions set so that malware is less able to meddle with and infect your programs. For that reason I take the opposite view to you and get annoyed with people who write Windows programs that won't work right if installed in "Program Files". I need to be given a very good reason before I will consider installing software anywhere else.
  21. Confirming that Ransomware protection is the problem: Skype for desktop downloaded an update last night. When I pressed the button to update an error message much like those described by others further up this thread appeared. The Retry button just made the message re-appear until I disabled Ransomware protection, then the Retry button allowed the update to complete correctly.
  22. I don't remember noticing any loss of responsiveness on either of my PCs. Also I was able to manually update KeePass V2 without any problem. I downloaded the new installer, saved it and then double clicked it. As far as I remember Adobe Reader was also able to update itself from 18.011.20038 to 18.011.20040 without any problem on both PCs. So it's kind of hit and miss what works and what fails.
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