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MBAM 3.0 license and Windows 10 previews

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Seems every time I get a new Windows 10 Preview update, the MBAM license goes away and I have to reactivate again. This is fine as long as you deactivate before you update Windows, but if you don't, you lose your license. Why is this happening? I don't lose my licenses with any other licensed program.

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Hello @tpcr:

Your system's Malwarebytes license is never lost.  It is merely the Malwarebytes' licensing system that has sensed an excessive number of activations that were not first offset by corresponding deactivations.  This temporary license suspension can be corrected by contacting the Malwarebytes Tech Support representatives for reinstatement.  It seems that some of Microsoft's W10 Preview builds are finding it necessary to overwrite the registry hive where your MB3 license data is stored.  If system stability has become more important than experiencing the cutting edge Windows releases, perhaps a less adventurous path is now prudent.  Alternatively, you may choose to delay pending W10 Preview updates and deactivate MB3 till the update has completed.  HTH

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I disagree and you missed my point. Malwarebytes license is lost when your system does a Win10 update. I suppose you can undo the update, deactivate MBAM, then do the update again, but this is my point that this should not happen. No other license gets erased during an update, so MBAM needs to use a better method of storing their license info. By the time you find out this has happened, it could be too late. If you went through more than one update, you are hosed. And yes, Malwarebytes will restore the license info as long as you have the original license card that you got up to 3-5 years ago. How many of us still have that?. And system stability is just fine EXCEPT FOR MBAM.

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I have seen this with Windows OS updates, its a bug... it is usually recommended to uninstall your security products for a clean upgrade...

I know when I do OS upgrades, the upgrade will fail if I don't first remove my Symantec Endpoint Protection, so I have to uninstall that first.  While I am at it, I also deactivate my MBAM and remove it to avoid this issues.

I know that's not a fix, or what you wanted to hear, but thanks for bringing it up again so staff knows its still an issue.

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