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Well, I used this product because my friend got the fib moneypak virus, so I loaded up Avast and Malwarebytes and after 20 minutes 380,000 files have been searched only 6 threats, last step it went up to 121 a lot of files under system were deleted due to malwarebytes detecting them as threats.. it said require reboot so, I restarted it went pretty good until after logging in I sat there and it seemed like Windows button wasn't working and only thing that displays was my vpn and a black screen behind it. I sat there for a minute or two than turned off my computer, what do I do?

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Do unplug all devices from your computer, especially USB devices,  including: Printers, scanners, copiers, external attached devices, etc.
The only devices you should leave attached to your computer are your monitor, mouse and keyboard, if the computer is a desktop.

If using a USB keyboard or USB mouse, see about switching out to corded ones.

You must have and practice infinite patience when you reboot the computer and as it tries to load up Windows.  Windows could be in the middle of any number of things and you should not give up too soon.

How long did you wait ?  Wait at least 15 / 20   minutes before you throw in the towel   ( as the expression goes).
Was the machine in sleep mode just before this?

Try to move the mouse in circular way for a few seconds to see if it leads to some screen movement or response. For a few seconds.
Try pressing the space bar or Escape key on the keyboard to see if some response shows on screen.

Windows may have been in the middle of an overdue Microsoft update.  or it may have been in the final phases of doing its work.

Second tip:
press CTRL +ALT +DEL ete keys
if you can get to Task Manager, can you then use Task Manager and
select from its menu bar, FILE ( press alt-key and then F ) then select
RUN New task

then type in



and press Enter. That should show a somewhat normal screen.

Third tip:
IF needed, you can restart the computer in one of the SAFE modes.....

Turn off your pc.  ( switch power-button OFF ).   Wait about a minute.
Restart your pc by doing power ON.  And right away, tap & retap the F8 Function-key on your keyboard.
You should see Windows Advanced Options menu.
Select Safe Mode with Networking or
Safe mode

with Safe Mode with Networking being the ideal first choice.

NOTE: if the F8 function key-method did not prove usable, some systems may use F5 instead.  
And on some systems you may need to press the F2 function key to get hardware boot options.

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Glad you resolved your issue, and thanks for coming back and letting us know....

One thing though, you mention that you are running Windows 8 above, and then you also mention that your computer does not use the process "Explorer.exe".

All windows computers use the process Explorer.exe, that process is basically the process that shows your desktop as well as other thing on your computer, therefore your computer does use the process.

That being said, glad you solved your issue and should you have any further issues don't hesitate to ask.

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