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Factory Reset 2 Computers will Malwarebytes work?

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Good Morning

I have two computers that are infected, one being a windows 7 and the other being a windows 8.

A while back I purchased Malwarebytes for 2 computers and would like to know....If I do a complete clean out of for these infected computers (factory reset) and reinstall everything...Will my Malwarebytes codes still work??

I ask this because, I have googled (FACTORY RESET ON PC/MALWAREBYTES) and have came across people posting in forums & community sites that after Factory resetting there computer to brand new there codes were no longer working with Malwarebytes.

I would hate to have a while back paid money to the Malwarebytes official website only to do a factory reset and my code no longer work. I was told by someone to deactivate it before the factory reset, which I have NOT done due to the fact that I will continue to use both PCs.

Do I need to unistall Malwarebytes on both PCs before I do the factory reset or is there something else that needs to be done first???

Thank you for your help

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As mentioned by @KenW, all you have to do FIRST is to open Malwarebytes and then go to My Account (upper right corner) make a note of your License Key Info and save it to a safe place (like a flash drive or external drive as your going to do a factory reset).  Once you have your License Key info, click on Deactivate.  Once you Deactivate it will revert to the free version (no need to uninstall).

Now you can do a factory reset, format/reinstall.  After you have done your factory reset, download the latest version of Malwarebytes, install it and Activate it.  It should work flawlessly.  I have done this on many computers with no issues.

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