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Savepass 2.0 not caught

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Hello and welcome, @donbutler:

That sounds like some sort of PUP?

We don't have enough information to know for sure how it got onto your system.:(
Perhaps it is not in the MBAM database. Or perhaps MBAM needs to be configured properly to both detect and remove PUPs.
Or perhaps you inadvertently allowed it to be installed as a bundled item with other software (that's how most PUPs get installed).

We could assist you better if we knew a bit more about the system.  To do that:
Please follow the steps in this pinned topic: Diagnostic Logs
Then, please ATTACH all 3 logs (FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt) to your next reply here in this thread.

Alternatively, if you would like a bit of free, expert help cleaning the system, I suggest starting with the recommended steps in this pinned topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers
It explains the options for free help >>AND<< the steps to expedite the process.
A malware helper will guide you through scanning and cleanup.



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I'm surprised that the Malwarebyte support doesn't answer and also that when I mention savepass 2.0 nobody seems to know about it. The Internet is alive with buzz about it, but seems to be more interested in selling programs than helping. Here's one quote on the subject: "  SavePass is a typical browser hijacker which can relentlessly take control of some or all browsers installed on the affected machine. SavePass program will show its malicious properties once it get installed. The most obvious symptoms of this malware infection are browser hijacking, search result redirecting, and constant popping up. If you do not maintain your PC on regular basis, many PC errors may occur such as windows crashes, slow performance and error messages. "

But then, right after that statement it says, " In order to fix these errors and avoid them in future, it is recommended to use SpyHunter Tool regularly " Naturally, when you download and use Spy Hunter it offers to fix all your problems for MONEY.

I may not have got it out of my system but at least I eliminated it from  Chrome extensions. It's not in the Program list. I just opened the setting list and deleted it as an extension.


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Just because " The Internet is alive with buzz about it " does not mean it is malware or is classed as a Potentially Unwanted Program ( PUP ).  To be classed as a PUP the software has to meet certain Malwarebytes' criteria.

If you feel strongly that this software should be detected, you are welcome to submit the installer to Malwarebytes in the sub-forum that is provided for that purpose which is Newest Malware Threats.

Please reference the following on how to provide sample submissions such that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) can detect targeted but presently undetected threats.

Malware hunters please read
Purpose of this forum
Malware Hunters group


Edited by David H. Lipman
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Hi, @donbutler:


This particular sub-forum is for help installing/running MBAM. 

The Research Center sub-forum is more closely monitored by the Research Team for possible new malware and PUP and malicious IP submissions.
Having said that, as @David H. Lipman pointed out, the researchers would need more data (scan logs, the archived file itself, system diagnostic logs, etc.) in order to answer your question.
Unfortunately, the name alone of a possible PUP/malware is not enough information to provide a robust or accurate reply.

So please feel free to submit the file in the Research Center (for safety, possibly malicious files cannot be uploaded to this particular forum area) and/or to get a bit of free, expert help checking/cleaning your system.

Thanks again,

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