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Change my signature.


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Its been a few yeas since I've visited here, and being lucky as I am I'm still virus and malware free. It's good surfing habits and proper layers of protection.

So, I was going to update my signature, but the system wont let me do this, Accounts Settings>Edit Profile>You Are Not Allowed To Edit This Profile .... Really?! .... Anyone experience this?


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Hi Michael :)

Only members that reaches a certain number of posts, or are part of a group (at least Honorary Members) are allowed to edit/change their signature. This is in an effort to stop spammers from coming here and/or advertising their stuff.

A Staff member might know exactly what are the prerequisites needed to gain the previlege to edit the signature.

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You just posted in the thread reporting the signature issue. In the same thread, I think it's been discussed that giving permissions based on the account creation date wouldn't be a good idea since spammers could create them in batch, leave them there a month or two and then use them to spam the forum. Or they could hack into old, unused accounts and such.

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On 4/16/2016 at 1:24 AM, AdvancedSetup said:

We're still discussing a method to continue to combat this. Just working on things a bit more critical at the moment. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we can provide editing to users again.

Thank you


I do not have a signature but I do show a lot of interests. i would like to add or change some of them. If I had a signature it would be

"Always create a Restore Point Before Trying Anything I Suggest!"

As for SPAMMERS could we create a "MARK AS POSSIBLE SPAM" button, kind of like the quote button.

If something is marked the moderators could look at it if they have extra time.

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