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  1. I've been using avast! since it came out(I had the LCARS skin). It has had its share of problems in the past, and that I have personally experienced with it. Over all, it is one of the best I have used and have learned my lessons and have gone back to it time and time again. One BIG thing I learned from avast! and have carried it through to my other security software, virus/malware/security engine updates are fine on a daily basis, BUT the PROGRAM updates are best handled with an uninstall then install the new program. Avast! has caused me grief in the past with the program updates and the bes
  2. OK, I found another MBAM entry ..... I should have looked closer befor posting the 1st time. So what here do I delete? The whole reg entry, or just the MBAM entry?!
  3. Ya, well, its been a while for me being here, I had to redo my password as well.
  4. I just ran into this problem, and I posted after doing a search for the issue. I was just board and reading through here and found this. Maybe you should do this as a sticky at the start of this forum. Anyways, it's been like 4 months, and still no fix for the issue?!
  5. I have USB OTG on my phone, good luck infecting a Linux with an .exe
  6. Its been a few yeas since I've visited here, and being lucky as I am I'm still virus and malware free. It's good surfing habits and proper layers of protection. So, I was going to update my signature, but the system wont let me do this, Accounts Settings>Edit Profile>You Are Not Allowed To Edit This Profile .... Really?! .... Anyone experience this?
  7. Even though this thread is a few years old, I have the same question, and it has not been answered in this thread. I did have MBAM / avast! / Online Armor Firewall in my netbook (Gateway LT21 - W7 Starter 32Bit), but the combination of the 3 just slowed the unit down to a crawl. I got rid of avast!, OA Firewall and MBAM, I installed MSE and used Windows Firewall. The netbook I really only use for word possessing, not much more (it really can't handle much more). So, I have had some issues with MSE getting stuck and freezing up during the Deep Scan, so I proceeded to do a manual
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