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  1. Thank you for the video of johnny cash.Magnificent.!
  2. yes. The moonlight sonata is a form of nocturne so this and sleepiness do go together lol.
  3. Yes indeed.Me too. Country music is quite empty now without the unique voice of johnny around. He was truly an original and i seriously doubt we will hear another voice like his.
  4. I listen to johnny cash and perhaps some music from the 1960,s. Also quite partial to ludwig van beethoven.His 9th symphony is a personal favourite plus the moonlight sonata.
  5. hi daledoc1, No offence taken.im not using any registry cleaners at all except the ccleaner which hardly finds any entries at all. The advice i have been given on this forum has been excellent and i consider the malwarebytes forum one of the best. I reinstalled mu OS for a totally different reason not from using any of the registry cleaning and tweaking junk.I learned my lesson in the past. I have posted a new thread involving a problem with a tcp/ip driver which im having at the moment. Many regards to you.
  6. Interesting reading there about the registry and i never use them.From what i gather ccleaner is about the safest cleaner and ive never had a problem with it. I know most registry cleaners if not all are complete junk.But ive also seen reviews etc which explain that a registry cleaner will be needed at some point to solve minor registry issues and this has been discussed on some major forums.
  7. You are absolutely correct.the services is checked although i dont recall checking it. This is by far the safest and only cleaner i truly trust. Is there any ccleaner tutorials which show what can be safely ticked.? Any thoughts on ccenhancer? Regards and thank you.
  8. Hi, Could anybody please explain what software this registry key pertains to please. Every time i use ccleaner it requires deleting. Any ideas please.? Thank you.
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