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  1. For a long time my Internet Provider supplied Norton Security Anti-Virus. My IP has terminated providing Norton for free. Norton and MBAM seemed to run together with few problems. My question is should Windows Defended and MBAM run together? If the answer is yes I have no idea how to turn Defender on.
  2. I found the following statement in the second link posted by pondus http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/06/25-symantec-products-open-to-wormable-attack-by-unopened-e-mail-or-links/ Tuesday's advisory is only the latest to underscore game-over vulnerabilities found in widely available antivirus packages. Although the software is often considered a mandatory part of a good security regimen—on Windows systems, at least—their installation often has the paradoxical consequence of opening a computer to attacks that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Over the past five years, Ormandy
  3. I did not use the word hacked in referring to the MBAM forum. I did use the word hacked with the Avast forum. I also did not choose the title of this thread. I submit that you might want to address this issue with https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  4. I checked 3 email addresses @ haveibeenpwned.com - 2 email addresses were clean and the third had two hits - MBAM forum & Avast forum. I was notified by MBAM and did change my MBAM "site password". It says Avast was hacked in May 2014. There was no notification from Avast and I have not used their product or been on their forum since 2012. I have not detected any spam on the email account in question. My question is fairly simple. To be sure of future security would it not be better to close the email account in question and open a new email account? Because I str
  5. I do not have a signature but I do show a lot of interests. i would like to add or change some of them. If I had a signature it would be "Always create a Restore Point Before Trying Anything I Suggest!" As for SPAMMERS could we create a "MARK AS POSSIBLE SPAM" button, kind of like the quote button. If something is marked the moderators could look at it if they have extra time.
  6. Sorry if my post was confusing. I only had one "Ransomware Blocked Notification". I run Ccleaner regularly because I have several browsers (I collect browsers). It occurred while running Ccleaner Free 5.08.5308 and I am not sure if stuff was in my Recycle Bin (Ccleaner will empty it - if something is there). AT NO TIME WAS ANY EXCLUSION ADDED TO MY MBARW FOR CCLEANER. I did add a Norton Exclusion (in MBARW) because Norton was showing a block of MBARW in the Norton Security History - the Norton Exclusion in MBARW did not change anything and has been removed. I have run Ccl
  7. Hi keepinitsafe, Even though our problems may look identical, on this forum the moderators ask each of us to "START A NEW TOPIC". This is so our support can be for each individual. Read the TOPIC "Reporting a False Positive" then post your problem separately. HAVE A NICE DAY.
  8. I think I can go ahead and remove the exclusion. I only added it thinking that would stop Norton from blocking MBARW. Because the blocks are continuing the exclusion is not working. The exclusion was only an experiment.
  9. I forgot to post that no browsers were open when "Ransomware Detected" occurred because they need to be closed to run Ccleaner.
  10. Just after running Ccleaner Free v.5.08.5308 (64bit) I received a "Ransomware Detected" notification. I have also added Norton Security Suite to my MBARW exclusions but continue to notice Norton Blocks or MBARW. A Norton block occurred as the ransomeware detected notification appeared. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip MBAMService.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
  11. Not a problem, I only replied because of Mariyaa's second post on her thread (topic). It was posted 3 hours after her first post. My first reply was a link to the MBAM Mac User Guide and stated I have a Windows MBAM. I thought that reply was OK but one post led to another and yes I got in deeper than I thought I would. I agree with your post 100% and will not post here again.
  12. Do you know how to check your Mac "Trash Can". I'm asking because I found the following in the MBAM for Mac User Guide. Files that are removed are not deleted outright. Instead, they are moved to a folder named “Malwarebytes Removals” in the trash can. This allows you to examine them and delete them at your leisure, or replace items that may have been removed by mistake. So I am thinking if you can find the items you listed in the "trash can" and DELETE them your problem should be solved. Your Mac trash can does the same thing as the "Quaran
  13. If you do not have many bookmarks in Chrome and you remove it. Then it would be interesting to see the results of your MacScan. Remember if you uninstall Chrome you might lose your bookmarks.
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