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MBAM new version is marqued Malicous Websites by opening new tabs

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Just for 20 miniutes now it happens to me that a one after another pop up fo MBAM bloqued malicous website and pop up really every time when I open a new tab

in chrome even when I open a website in a new tab even tried open this forun in a new tab guess what the pop up showed up not that anything was bloqued but

it is not right. I even cleared out my chrome and started all over all  my fixed tabs ( about 24 !!!!  ) still nog get them all back in place. But every new tab it shows

I also delete the chrome theme and leave it blanco.

After that I tried what hapened in the Firefox browser and guess what MBAM has really some nerves this afternoon, the same thing showed up

here  are both screen cuts from one occasion in chrome and one in firefox 

there were more differant IP showed up 


And it just won't stop. I don't where it comes from, now it seems something normal, and why it come back time after time, previous bloques where never coming back again. 




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Problem solved, it is over now. Everything is back normal again both in Google Chrome as well in the Firefox browser no problems anymore :) 

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