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  1. Hi, The instagram webpage is also blocked in chrome ( also in firefox ) with regards Khadijah
  2. Khadijah

    FP Body&Fit webshop

    Hi, Just installed it this afternoon and had a fals positive when I want to visit this webshop ( add it to my save list for now ) https://www.bodyenfitshop.nl/sale/
  3. Khadijah

    I can not instal

    Yes, here it is enabled!
  4. Khadijah

    I can not instal

    I had just the same problem. I canceled everything and reboot the system and than I tried again and than it installed without errors
  5. Khadijah

    not fully protected

    Yes, it seems to pop up in the "Checking for Updates" portion of the Scan.
  6. Khadijah

    not fully protected

    @Ried I have this pop ups now for a few days, but only the first time that the pop came ( at start up of my computer a few days ago) it was that I saw the anti ransomware was turned off and I turned it on, but that is only that one time and after that 1 time not been happened again. But the pop ups ceep show up at the beginning of every scheduled scan as it seems.

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