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JRT Wrecking IE 6

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i saw one thread where you said that, somehow, your forgot to include whitelisted items in JRT 8.0.4, another thread where you said that another legitimate program needed to be whitelisted, in a future-release.. until these problems are addressed, shouldn't JRT 8.0.4 be pulled? or, better yet, fix all of the problems with the program?


why should it take weeks/months/years to address problems with JRT 8.0.4?



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If programs are not currently whitelisted, then when they cause issues with other security programs they are referred to as False Positives.  If you;ll check every security software out there, they all have FP reports.  Furthermore, if you'll check, many FPs occur when one product is changed in a new version and another software has the older version whitelisted, but the newer version has not yet been whitelisted.  A perfect example of this is the interaction between MBAM <--> BitDefender 2016.  BitDefender 2015 and below are not causing MBAM users any issues, but 2016, and specifically a particular module in BD2016, is causing MBAM users issues.

  1. In addition, the post you linked to is 10 days old. 
  2. The previous post you linked to on Feb 17 from Mrdodrops wasn't encountering the issue with those keys being deleted.  His issue was with a 3rd party sound applet that he was running that was being killed by JRT.
  3. Earlier in this thread, @AdvancedSetup clearly posted that removal of those keys did not affect his XP install nor the ability o actually load IE at all.

EDIT:  Your last response was added as I was replying.  This tool is listed in a TECHNICIAN'S TOOLS section, meaning it is not for regular use, only if you are plagued with PUPs and unwanted browser addons, toolbars, etc. 

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