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False positive - is there a log file?


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I should have looked there first, thank you.


Here are the zip files:




Is there a way to add a registry entry to the exclusion list?


This is the entry that was falsely quarentined:  HKLM\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\mfsyncsv


It belongs to a program called MirrorFolder which has been around for a long time. I've been using it since early XP days.

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip

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No edit capability that I can see. Looks like one zip file shows twice in my previous post.


Anyway, I wantexd to add the registry value that was quarentined:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\mfsyncsv    DisplayName    REG_SZ    MirrorFolder Auto-synchronization Service    Description    REG_SZ    Performs automatic synchronization for MirrorFolder.    Type    REG_DWORD    0x10    Start    REG_DWORD    0x2    ErrorControl    REG_DWORD    0x1    ImagePath    REG_EXPAND_SZ    C:\windows\system32\mfsyncsv.exe    ObjectName    REG_SZ    LocalSystem
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Wouldn't that be...

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\mfsyncsv]"DisplayName"="MirrorFolder Auto-synchronization Service""Description"="Performs automatic synchronization for MirrorFolder.""Type"=dword:00000010"Start"=dword:00000002"ErrorControl"=dword:00000001"ImagePath"=hex(7):43,00,3a,00,5c,00,77,00,69,00,6e,00,64,00,6f,00,77,00,73,00,\  5c,00,73,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65,00,6d,00,33,00,32,00,5c,00,6d,00,66,00,73,\  00,79,00,6e,00,63,00,73,00,76,00,2e,00,65,00,78,00,65,00,00,00,00,00"ObjectName"="LocalSystem"
Tried it on my own machine and it worked. Well, adding the key that is.
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Please take the time to read our update post on Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware and the False Positives issues. This post also goes into detail about what to expect for BETA 3 update which will fix a lot of the reported issues. Thanks!


Dealing with FPs and preparing for beta3:

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