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  1. Don't see any way tp edit a post so have to make another. Ran another scan and this time it did not FP on any OORexx files.
  2. Last MBAM Premium Beta scan found 4 false positives with OORexx (Object Rexx). I captured the window which attached, but when I saved the scan data as a txt file it doesn't show the OORexx FP.MBAM4.01BetaWrongMalwareDetect.txt
  3. I don't mind the fonts but the cartoon graphics makes it look like it was designed to attract young children, not adults. Sort of a Captain America meets Iron Man. Not a fan of the big box with the line sweeping back and forth either, just annoying. Scan time of 1 min 5 sec was okay.
  4. I'll try to contact the author but if no success will uninstall it as I don't want to run with any part of MBAM disabled for any length of time.
  5. Hot ziggety, works like a charm. MBAM premium and QTTabBar are happy together. Does the permanent fix need to be made by the author of QTTabBar?
  6. Bingo! QTTabBar was the culprit. Getting me to look at what I had done led me right to the cause. All is well, thanks. Shame really as I like what QTTabBar did.
  7. The only new software I have is called QTTabBar which I installed on 3/18. It extends File Explorer, adding Tabs and a bunch of other neat stuff. Funny, that's right around this time this started happening but I didn't pursue it until yesterday. I'll uninstall it and I'm pretty sure that will resolve this. I see I posted the wrong image a 3rd time and still no way to edit, rats! Here is what I wanted to post and the QGroupOpener and QT stuff is what reminded me I had just recently installed it. Back in a few.
  8. Sorry, messed that up. Uploaded the same screen shot twice and I don't see any way to edit the post so I'll add the Startup list here:
  9. WinPatrol is installed but is not running. Has not been for quite awhile. I'll uninstall it and see if that makes a difference. Post results in a little bit. Thank you for looking at this.
  10. I look at BSOD Windows 10 problems and constantly download zip files that contain many different files, including mini dumps. Starting earlier today, after I download the zip file, I then right click on it as usual and select Open containing folder. Malwarebytes is now closing my web browser with the following error: I also attached the mbst-grab-results.zip file. The zip file doesn't get deleted, just the browser gets closed. seamonkey.exe is unchanged, still the 8/13/2018 version running. mbst-grab-results.zip
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