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  1. Excellent news bitsum! We are glad you were able to pin point the causing issue between our products, and will look forward to relying in the future that Process Laso is compatible with Malwarebytes Products. Of course it would be greatly appreciated if any Process Laso users here report any new problems that may arrise in the future so we may look into them the same way. Should you need any more assistance BitSum or information, please don't hesitate to reach out again!
  2. We have found the cause, and a fix will be included in or next update for all Windows 8-10 apps.
  3. GeekFreak, I have went through all your logs and have determined the cause of your issue. The good news is, nothing is actually wrong with your system, and nothing was actually removed! What happened was that both of the applications that triggered a event with MBARW were actually updater applications, that there normal routine is to simply run in the background, quickly update files, and then remove itself. So what happened is MBARW detected activity that seemed like ransomware, and then before MBARW could preform additional checks and Whitelisting, the updater application
  4. I Agree, this topic will be closed for now. If there is a reason or more information in the future as a reason to update, i will do so then. Thanks to all participants of the thread!
  5. Hello, Thanks for helping us with MBARW! Could you please follow these steps to upload the needed logs for us to view? Thanks!
  6. Has a complete reboot of the machine been preformed since the quarantine of these files? Sometimes with Windows 10 or 8 they have a option to sleep instead, and it may be a good idea to simply use the start menu to reboot to see if these files are either back in place, or in a new quarantine folder. Thanks!
  7. I apologize for the time it took to reply to this topic. I have been following it since the beginning and simply did not want to reply with information until more research and collaborating with our development dept. for mbarw was done. First I would like to address that MBARW does Not initiate "Hooks all over the systems processes". There has been other security applications that Process Laso seems to have had conflicts with in the past (based on research) that performs these operations, but this should not be relevant here as the same unsupported methods do not happen within MBARW.
  8. Thanks for your feedback we will look into this ASAP
  9. Thanks for the feedback we will be looking into this FP
  10. Uninstalling and reinstalling should fix your issue
  11. We are also aware and working on this issue. Thanks for your feedback
  12. This is because the file was not really quarantined, could you please verify the exe is in its proper location in the Eset Programfiles folder?
  13. Thanks for the feedback Please bare with us with the current features, as the UI of the application is very Bare Bones for the BETA. The application will be much different in the future.
  14. John, Thanks for this detailed post about this defect. This will help us tremendously. We are currently working on this issue, and need to go about Windows 10 Apps in a different approach than normal apps. We will absolutely keep the community updated on this.
  15. Currently we have no defined time to come out of BETA for MBARW. Please keep checking these forums for updates
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