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RE: New Version MBAE


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Welcome to the forum humanoid.


You do NOT need an account to download the 1016 build. Simply click on the link in the announcement and it will allow you to download without requiring to sign-in or create an account.


The changelog is also in the announcement.




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Hi, Pedro:


Kindly excuse my popping in: I think the OP may have been asking for the changelog for build 1016, rather than the changelog for version 1.05?


I, too, would like to see that.

And I am curious as to why 1016 is not yet available through the auto-updater or the product web page (it offers 1015)?

If it's not a beta, then why is it not available through the usual means?


(Without wishing to hijack the thread, I am rather surprised by all these new builds. I am still running 1014 Free on my rigs, having had a bit of trouble upgrading from 1.04 on my main box last week. On-top upgrade did NOT work -- got the same error as reported here. I ended up having to cleanly uninstall AND reboot AND manually remove the MBAE Program Data and Program Files folders before I got it to work. So, I am reluctant to attempt on-top upgrades on 3 boxes with all these rapidly changing minor version upgrades.)


Ennywho, I was just curious....




P.S. @Humanoid45, if you are using Firefox with NoScript, you need to allow "box.com" and "boxcdn.net" in order to be able to see the blue file download button for the MBAE installer. ;)

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The change for 1016 is minor, just small bug-fixes and fine-tuning of a couple of the new techniques to fix some reported issues, like this and this.


Build 1016 is now final and will be pushed out to the website between today and tomorrow and then pushed as automatic upgrade to every user next week.


Hope this helps.

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