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  1. Same thing.....Trojan MalPack.GS....TimeDate.cpl Version Win XP
  2. This was done to a XP computer,apprx. 1 week ago..I had the premium MBAM Ver 2 and the MBAE 1.2 Premium installed.. I DL,d the last stable version for XP..(3.5.1) ...Reason being MWAM was EOL.. All went tremedously well,with nary a hiccup!! Before proceeding,I had read a lot of the comments about licenseing problems,and was concerned about that,but thankfully everything was saved during the upgrade.. I just want to give team MWAM and all the developers a BIG kudo for a job well done.. Thanks
  3. Re: MBAE version event viewer... ".The MBAE service service hung on startup" This on XP with a fast processor...Icon takes too long to show up in taskbar..
  4. "I should not be worried, but I would like to have a confirmation by others. Have anyone else noticed the same thing? Do you agree with my conclusions? " I definitely would not agree with your assessment,IMHO something is not right..If you have MBAE checked to run at startup,the icon should be there in your tray and when you open it,it should say "RUNNING"...also MBAE,exe should be in your Task Mgr under processes.... I would be very worried if those things are not happening .... Hope you get some help from the mods soon!!
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