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  1. Same thing.....Trojan MalPack.GS....TimeDate.cpl Version Win XP
  2. This was done to a XP computer,apprx. 1 week ago..I had the premium MBAM Ver 2 and the MBAE 1.2 Premium installed.. I DL,d the last stable version for XP..(3.5.1) ...Reason being MWAM was EOL.. All went tremedously well,with nary a hiccup!! Before proceeding,I had read a lot of the comments about licenseing problems,and was concerned about that,but thankfully everything was saved during the upgrade.. I just want to give team MWAM and all the developers a BIG kudo for a job well done.. Thanks
  3. Re: MBAE version event viewer... ".The MBAE service service hung on startup" This on XP with a fast processor...Icon takes too long to show up in taskbar..
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