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[SOLVED] Can't uninstal AE 9 4 1000


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I tried to download a newer version of AE than 9 4 1000 and it put a white square on my desktop and did not install.  I contacted this forum and they suggested doing a restore on my Win XP SP3.  I did and the square vanished.


Today I tried to uninstall AE 9 4 1000 from control pannel and fom the included uninstall program.  Both said there was a missing file and it could not be uninstalled.  See attached Giff image.


How do I uninstall so I can install the latest version?


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No I did not check but the 9 4 100 will run when I click on it and it also throws an " beta beriod expired please update". But it is my understanding I must first uninstall the program and then install from scratch.

Do i INSTALL FROM SCRATCH OR JUST INSTALL over the old version. remember i AM USING xp sp3 not A NEW UPTO DATE os!!!

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Hi ronster12345,


As far as I know:

Just installing over the older version is not advised. The instructions for installing MBAE as noted here explicitly mention removing the old version.


As far as I was able to determine (opening my unins000.dat file with wordpad) it seems that the .dat-file contains the data of what files where created where during the installation. I am rather certain that it is computer dependant (found my user name in it). So downloading someone else's unins000.dat won't do you any good. (AFAIK)


The best I can think of at the moment is to wait for pbust to reply. He generally watches this sub-forum closely so I don't think it will take more than a day to get a response from him. Considering that the topic has been around for a couple of days, I'd advise to send pbust a PM if he doesn't reply tomorrow, just to get his attention.

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