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  1. I continue to get what I hope is hoax ransomware. I did a screen shot which I will upload. Please address this stuff as well.
  2. I purchased a lifetime Malwarebytes license a couple of years ago. I bought from an Ebay vendor, and it worked for years. I then upgraded to Win 10. I did a full install, formatted the drive and put a clean OS on (not an upgrade over the top of Win 7). I did not deactivate my Malwarebytes license before doing this. Now when I try to activate the trial, I am getting invalid license. Is there anyway to deactivate the old license and then reuse that same license on the new OS? - Remember it is the same pc just new OS.
  3. I am sorry. Apparently I was not clear. In Win 10 Defender is ant-virus and anti-Malware. I know I need both types of protection. The overwhelming advice is to use a third party anti-Virus and Malwarebytes together (just as I suspected). So the next logical question is: How do I properly uninstall Defender so I can install my anti-Virus (ZoneAlarm), and install Malwarebytes?
  4. If I get infected will Microsoft help me free? or at all? Is Microsoft a big target for hackers and other nefarious types as far as these products go?
  5. I currently own Malwarebytes Premium. When I upgraded my pc to windows 10, I uninstalled Malwarebytes, and formatted the hdd. After win 10 install, Defender shows up and has malware protection built in. It seems to work well, but I have a feeling I am making a mistake by using Microsoft. Nothing I can put my finger on, like I said it seems to work well. I want advice about USING or NOT USING Microsoft Anti-virus AND Microsoft anti-Malware.
  6. I watched the video but do not understand if I installed it correctly. I have admin rights. I simply installed the software. But the video shows starting the software. You start by rt clicking and run as admin, not letting it start when windows starts.. 1. As I have admin rights I just installed the program. Should I have opened the ADMIN account and install from there? 2. It says I am protected.... am I? (I am not rt clicking and running as admin) 3. How do I update, I think I subscribe to the blog but I am not sure. 4. I did not understand what I am to do when RW is dectected.
  7. My pc is a Dell OptiPlex 745 core 2 duo, 8 gigs ram, 5 tb disk space, Win 7 sp1 64 bit. I am currently running your Anti-Ransomware beta version 1. Being new to the software I opened it to see if it was working. I am confused by the information I see. The screen says my system is fully protected. Under that is a red dot and it says Anti-Ransomware is disabled. In blue it shows to start protection. When I click on the start protection nothing happens!!!. I have attached 2 zip files I saw you need and 3 jpgs showing what info I am looking at. 2. I would like to know h
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