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  1. What about those who don't have desktop icons? All three of my security icons are in the system tray - Bitdefender, MBAM and MBAE so I am used to opening them from there.
  2. Thirded! Pale Moon is, and has been for a long time, my default browser.
  3. Have you checked your program files, when I uninstalled it (and it said it was successful) the file was left there so I just manually deleted it to trash.
  4. Installed and all is working fine, blocks the test exploit and the icon is sitting happily in the tray.
  5. Great site - I usually just abandon accounts that I don't want, especially id deleting it is a pain. I certainly have a Facebook account that I want to get rid of - off for a trial run.
  6. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all. Try not to eat too much - I have been trying and failing all day.
  7. I use Avast Premium and MBAN on both Samsung S3 and Samsung GalaxyTab. I have not seen any issues with them both running together.
  8. Gosh, I didn't realise that it was 100 posts! OK, no problem, I will just have to make sure I use preview befor pressing the "Post" button. It must have been quite a problem caused to have it set that high.
  9. Heh, no need, your answer was perfect. I manually rebuilt the icon cache using the info in your #2 link and it reappeared in the task bar as good as gold. I had tried all the usual "easy" stuff such as pinning, unpinning, rebooting and also right clicking the icon to chane the icon properties. Thanks again!
  10. Great, thanks for the links, yes I am on Windows 7 X64 HP SP1 (can't add details in my signature until I have a few more posts). I will have a look and try to sort it. It is not a big problem and certainly not one to worry about, if it comes to the worst I can live with the generic icon. If I have any joy I will report back.
  11. My taskbar icon has changed to a generic "can't find" one (see attached). I tried resetting and changing it from the properties menu of the icon but no go so any idea how I can get the correct MBAM one back, the one in the system tray is fine as you can see.
  12. Me too, I finally bought the Pro version after a trojan got me (got it before it did any damage thankfully) but as I was only running MBAM when I remembered, probably less than once a fortnight, I decided the Pro version would be best to keep me covered all the time. So far the scheduling updates and scans have worked flawlessly.
  13. It really is a great shame, the Bento skin fits at the top of my screen and stays there whist my browser is open. Gonna hang on to it as long as I can.
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