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Spotty Internet

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My internet has been spotty recently. When I watch youtube videos, the video often takes 10-30 seconds to begin to load, and then needs to pause every 10 seconds to buffer. Surfing the web also yields similar lulls, as no pages will load for a given time, and then suddenly all the pages will load after the lull. I thought it was a problem specific to my computer, but my dad told me today that he has had the same problem for around two weeks, just like me. Marius from Malware Removal Help has helped me with the Malware Removal process, and he directed me here for further internet help. My dad and I tried to reset our internet cable box, but the problem persists. Our internet service provider is RCN. I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!



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going with the idea that marius gave you the "all clear" ...

have you contacted RCN and explained that two comps on your system have been slow in reference to data down loading ?

(this may be a problem on their side of things)

to make sure that the problems are not your machines ... do you have a friend that has a laptop that he could bring by your place to check with ?

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My sister is currently visiting our family, and I'll ask her if she's had any problems. I tried safe mode with networking, but it didn't seem better. The videos also loaded and started playing, but then the buffer disappears. The video tries to play again, but gets cut short once more. Finally, it stops trying and goes static and says there's an error.

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