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Andrew Jack

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MBAM Team,

I wanted to stop by and thank you all for an amazing product. I know that the Dev Team says that MBAM is built to "compliment" other AV programs, but I find that it does the job the others were hired for in the first place. For example, I had a nasty infection on a pc running AVG 2012. It was current and after two complete scans, one in "normal" windows logon, and one in safe mode, it still found nothing.

However, after installing and firing up MBAM it found it, and then AVG proceeded to say "Oh yeah, we caught this.. BTW". The program runs flawlessly. You set it and forget it, for the most part. I used it a lot until i bought the paid Pro version. The program is nearly unstoppable. Good Job guys!

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Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your experiences with us, it's much appreciated :)!

It is true that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is not designed to replace your antivirus, but as your account shows, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware finds what your antivirus might miss. That's always been our focus, and that remains just as true today. We don't detect the vast majority of infections out there, but we do specifically target the latest, nastiest 0-day threats that antivirus software tends not to detect, not to remove, or both.

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Andrew Jack:

You must realize that MBAM has a limited target list. For example it won't scan and detect malicious files as; Java Jars or within any other compressed file format (ZIP, RAR, 7z, LZH, CAB, CHM, etc) and won't scan script based files (PDF, HTML, CLASS, PHP, JS, VBS). It will not scan document files (DOC, PPT, XLS, RTF, ODF, WRI, etc).

The best way to describe it is to state what is scanned and targeted. MBAM specifically targets executable types of binaries which start with 'MZ' as the first two characters in the binary which could be; OCX, EXE, DLL, SYS and CPL files but can be renamed to any file extension or executable file extension like; LNK, BAT, CMD and PIF. Often we find malicious binaries posted on photo or other web sites that have been renamed from EXE to JPG, PNG or GIF to obfuscate the malicious intent of the file. Today, for the first time I saw an EXE that had been renamed to .CRT (digital certificate) and was distributed in spammed email.

The fully installed anti virus application that is installed on one's computer that performs both "On Access" and "On Demand" scanning will scan those files types (archive/compressed, script based files, document files, etc...). That is one of the two main reasons why MBAM supplements anti virus software and does not replace anti virus software. The second is MBAM doesn't specifically "target" file infecting viruses because MBAM can't "clean" the malicious code from an infected file where malicious code has been; prepended, appended or cavity injected into a legitimate file. For that matter MBAM can't "clean" a trojanized file either. At best MBAM will delete these files.

In short, MBAM is an adjunct anti malware solution.

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Thanks for the insight. I am basing my statements on real world experience with MBAM PRO. I know you are too, and seem to know better than me what the program actually DOES, but I stand by my observation that MBAM PRO seems to out perform most other AV products.. There have been instances where MBAM has failed to prevent either a primary infection, or failed to remove an infected file, but those instances are few and far between. I dont mean to say that MBAM is an All in One solution. It is NOT. Even folks like Exile tell people to scan with SuperAntiSpyware, for instance. MBAM is great for dectecting fiiles that dont belong , and for removing scareware. However, like you said, I dont think I have been able to use MBAM to remove a virus, or malicious code, from say ... an MP3 file.

Anyway, overall its a great product. The price is right, and when coupled with the right software, its a nightmare for virus manufacturers.

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