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  1. This feature (to bulk add exclusions) has been added to the product console. So I would use it directly from there. The idea is to be able to paste exclusions in different formats and the console will validate and identify the exclusion types. See some documentation info here and let me know if further help needed: https://service.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/4413802322579
  2. I use different JavaScript libraries to create the page. They include: - UIkit that gives the general look and feel - HTML2Pdf that converts the HTML to PDF - A crypto function to save the token locally - Fontawesome to provide the icons - And a few others They are hosted on the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) above. If we include the libraries in the HTML, it will make the file much bigger, but possible.
  3. What’s this? I had a few customers who wanted to export details of a single endpoint. This is a standalone HTML file that can export the single endpoint information as an HTML or PDF file. The file is approximately 200KB and there are no other dependencies. Download the zip file, and double-click the HTML file to run. The sections available for export can be selected. They correspond with the tabs available in the Nebula console. The output looks like the following. Questions, comments, and enhancements are welcome. Malwarebytes_Single_Endpoint_Export.zip
  4. @selfdz87 I see your account info, so I tested it on your account over Endpoint and Detection but did not get any errors. Let me know what parameters you use. i will send you a PM.
  5. @selfdz87 This is often due to data specific to your account. Can you please send me a private message so that I can help debug this bug? I need to know your account name so that I can try to replicate. Lee Wei
  6. I have sent you the download link via a private message.
  7. Hi Steve, I got your email, you have the incorrect version of the Excel Add-in. If you use OneView, you want the version that is specific for OneView which I have sent you the download link.
  8. @kmyles82 I have sent you the links via private messaging.
  9. Sorry that I have changed the server by which the add-in uses to check for new versions. The newest version is 3.8.0 and it fixes the issue. Since this is not an official Malwarebytes product, I can send you a link that downloads from my personal location.
  10. Hello all, Sorry that I did not see the post. We are interested in adding all the features to the official product and de-emphasizing external add-ons. Let us know via the feedback feature what you would like to see. In the meantime, I will private message you with the latest version of the Excel Add-in that fixes the error above. Lee Wei
  11. Good news to share is that Malwarebytes is working on publishing an official mobile management app for Nebula. So I am taking this app down from the Apple App Store to avoid confusion. If you have downloaded it before, it will continue to work and run without any issues. Lee Wei
  12. Hello John, Since your account has SSO turned on, this password is no longer your SSO credentials. For everyone's info, with SSO turned on, only SuperAdmin accounts can sign-in. I will send via private message a link that you can use to test your credentials, and also reset via "forget password". Lee Wei
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