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  1. Yes. Thanks Lee. Without your help It would have been impossible to fix it best ricky
  2. What do you recommend? What can I do to solve the problem. Any tips ricky
  3. Ok, 1.- I have in my my site two groups. default and BNL (see my 1 capture) 2.- I open excel plug in and connect to the site 3.- I select to import ALL groups (not just the default group) 4.- only the default group is imported and the BNL group is ignored
  4. Hi @LeeWei, I have a problem. When import my site to a new Excel file only the default group devices are imported. Every thing else is ignored Can you help? Thanks Ricky
  5. sorry this was for a different forum SORRY
  6. HI @Lee, When Import my site to a new excell onlt the default group is imported. Can you help? Thanks Ricku
  7. Hi Lee, I have multiple sites in my environment. I wonder if I could extract the data from all of them at once using the excel plugin so I can have all data from all sites on the same sheet. Right now it only lets me do it one by one and when I try to download them all at once it gives me this error that I send you in the capture "no permission for site" Thanks!!
  8. Now it is ok. I have updated the adin to version 3.1.1 and is working fine Sorry about my mistake! Best Ricky
  9. Hi @Leewei, I tried to use the addin and I´ve got error messages like this ones. Any idea? Thanks Ricky
  10. Hi @LeeWei, As usual you were right 🙂 I have restarted and everything works smooth Thanks again for your support Ricky
  11. Hi @LeeWei, I had noticed that my Malwarebytes menu was gone from the excell. I supposed that the last 365 upgrade wiped away. I have reinstalled the addin using the 2.40 last installer. Now I find this error every time I try to download data. What can be the problem? Thanks Ricky
  12. OK. Sorry. I dindt see it Thanks @wpclau Ricky
  13. Hi @LeeWei, Everytime I try to generate a Detection and Therats report I get this message. No charts are generated after I press OK Thanks Ricky
  14. by the way @LeeWeiwhen you have a version that can filter by endpoint let me know!! thanks again Ricky
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