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  1. Hi Lee, I have multiple sites in my environment. I wonder if I could extract the data from all of them at once using the excel plugin so I can have all data from all sites on the same sheet. Right now it only lets me do it one by one and when I try to download them all at once it gives me this error that I send you in the capture "no permission for site" Thanks!!
  2. Now it is ok. I have updated the adin to version 3.1.1 and is working fine Sorry about my mistake! Best Ricky
  3. Hi @Leewei, I tried to use the addin and I´ve got error messages like this ones. Any idea? Thanks Ricky
  4. Hi @LeeWei, As usual you were right 🙂 I have restarted and everything works smooth Thanks again for your support Ricky
  5. Hi @LeeWei, I had noticed that my Malwarebytes menu was gone from the excell. I supposed that the last 365 upgrade wiped away. I have reinstalled the addin using the 2.40 last installer. Now I find this error every time I try to download data. What can be the problem? Thanks Ricky
  6. OK. Sorry. I dindt see it Thanks @wpclau Ricky
  7. Hi @LeeWei, Everytime I try to generate a Detection and Therats report I get this message. No charts are generated after I press OK Thanks Ricky
  8. by the way @LeeWeiwhen you have a version that can filter by endpoint let me know!! thanks again Ricky
  9. @leewei, thanks for the help. now I got it right! sorry for my obtuseness. 🙂
  10. hI @LeeWei, I just tried to do what you told me and I have no data. Let me explain. For example in the screen shot from the cloud I enclose here there is one mac with 25 detection. When I try to see this detection with the addin there is no data. What I am do in wrong? Thanks ricky
  11. Hi @LeeWei, Thanks for your reply. A simple "detection and threats" report for one single endpoint would be sufficient. What do you recommend in order to do that? I mean what would you do if you where on my shoes knowing that is vital for your business? Maybe you know somebody that can do this job for me.... Thanks again. Ricky
  12. Hi LeeWei, I love the Addin. Congratulations for the great job you made. I have a question. My customers are all different people (mostly private, I mean non corporations) who bought just one licence. I take care that theirs computers are nice and clean. I need to send them by email every week an status report about all the detection or events that they might have had on the past week. Do you know how can I achieve this with your addin? Just one report from just one endpoint to send to just one email. Of course once I had the solution for one device I will have to do the same fo
  13. hi @djacobson, do we have to do something to solve the issue or just by waiting everyting will be all right when the new version is pushed? regards Ricky
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