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  1. I'm glad someone else is seeing the same Chrome/Malware Browser Guard slowdown that I've reported! I'm not using any other adblocker (except for the Raspberry Pi based PiHole as mentioned above). As reported by mmjr2000, the MBG slowdown does not seem to occur when using Firefox, but for several reasons I really need to use Chrome. The slowdown with Chrome is so severe that I can't really live with it, so I'm keeping MBG turned Off until a solution to this problem is found.
  2. In my case Browser Guard is still slowing down the loading of many web pages when using Chrome. I do like the extra protection provided by Browser Guard, but the slow loading does get annoying. I'll put up another post if the situation changes (perhaps with an update to Chrome and/or Browser Guard). - Wayne
  3. I've restarted my system and recreated the ZIP file, attached. I wasn't clear as to whether Chrome should be running when generating that ZIP file - in the current case I checked that the slow loading problem was still present, and then shut down Chrome before creating the ZIP file. The only running extension in addition to Browser Guard was Ghostery - the other extensions are turned OFF. NOTE: I tested Chrome with Ghostery turned OFF - that made no difference in loading speed. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I've attached the requested ZIP file. I hope this helps! Wayne mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I've done some more testing, and it really appears that the slow loading problem is limited to Chrome. When using Firefox with Browser Guard I haven't seen any problems - everything loads very quickly. (With Chrome it seems about 1/2 of the sites are slow loading; the rest are fine...) Perhaps the problem is related to some changes made in the very latest versions of Chrome? Very odd...
  6. Well, I disabled the PiHole ad blocker and that made no noticeable difference in loading speed. (Note: PiHole is a program running on a Raspberry Pi SBC that provides a DNS service which blocks ad-serving and/or malicious web sites.) Even with PiHole disabled, it takes 10 seconds to bring up my Yahoo Mail inbox and a similar length of time to bring up the Ebay home page. Without Browser Guard these web sites come up in about 1 second. Interestingly, some other web sites come up quickly even when Browser Guard is active, while other sites show the slow loading problem. Very confusing.... Perhaps some folks can see how fast Ebay comes up on their systems when Browser Guard is running? Thanks, Wayne
  7. It still seems that Browser Guard is unacceptably slowing down the loading of web pages. I notice this particularly with Yahoo Mail, but other web sites take at least several extra seconds to load when Browser Guard is active. I don't see why my internet connection speed (which isn't all THAT slow) should really have much effect on Browser Guard. (Since Browser Guard doesn't bring up extra web pages I assume it is doing most of its checking via the Malware web site.) Prior to using Browser Guard I was using the WebRoot browser extension to check for malicious web sites, and that product did NOT seem to slow down the loading of web pages to any noticeable extent. I really hope something can be done to speed up Browser Guard, because currently it is just to slow to use!!
  8. I have no other extensions enabled. I AM using the Raspberry Pi version of Pi-hole to block ads. However, PI-hole is active whether or not Browser Guard is activated. I know my internet speed is not super fast, but without Browser Guard almost all web sites come up quickly...
  9. I'm using Chrome 79.0.3945.88 and have uninstalled/reinstalled Browser Guard several times. This extension no longer crashes (as it was doing a few days ago) BUT it does drastically slow down the loading of web pages. For example, bringing up Yahoo Mail takes almost 10 seconds, while it I turn OFF Browser Guard my Yahoo Mail come up in about 1 second! After I've brought up a web site ONCE, it comes up much faster the next time (but only in that Chrome session!) Is this amount of slowdown to be expected? (My system uses an i5-6400 CPU with 8GB of memory, and my internet download speed is about 28Mbps.)
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