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  1. Here is one example https://quora.vern.cc/ The person owns vern[dot]cc is who has hosted many instances for open source private front-ends. These instances are blocked falsely because of suspicious top level domain. Please allowlist them. Regard.
  2. Hi all . A new Malwarebytes (MBG) version 2.4.2 "May 24.2022" is available in Firefox webstore and my web-browser already got the latest MBG version which is 2.4.2 but however I see no any new updates for the changes log for (MBG 2.4.2) anywhere !
  3. As of today, I have started to get numerous pop-ups from Malwarebytes. MWB scan doesn't come up with anything. Same with Windows Security. It's doing it while I am typing here! (using Chrome) How do I get rid of this? Details attached. THnks for any help. trojan malwarebytes.txt
  4. A custumer informed us that Malwarebytes is blocking our training website due to a possible trojan. However, it's a legit website and others security scanners didn't find anything. Please, fix it asap. Link to the website: https://linklist.bio/TreinamentosProfit
  5. Malwarebytes Browser Guard (MBBG) in Firefox is regularly asking me to allow MBBG to block malicious sites for Malwarebytes Premium (MBP). In Google Chrome you only have to allow once. We need a better version of MBBG for Firefox. Is a better version for Firefox on its way?
  6. BG version 2.3.15. I am seeing sites with counts of blocked items, but clicking on the icon shows nothing blocked. Picture attached With the add-in in its current state, I don't have confidence in its use. It is still blocking important things like the Bazaar Voice site (so product reviews cannot be seen until it is unblocked). There are also important product CDN sites for sites like Coles and Woolworths here in Australia, and countless others that get blocked, that make my wife's online shopping a nightmare, when trying to look at product details. She is constantly asking me to remove this add-in, as she is NOT a techie, and does not really know what to unblock, and what to leave. I may have to disable it until it improves. Ideally, the product should have much better intelligent use of Black and White lists, and better "heuristics", that rely more on the black-list side, rather than "reputation" bias skewing the algorithm, that can too often lead to blocking for no good reason.
  7. Hello, Blocked Website / URL: https://zeusmerch.com/ Blocked By: MalwareBytes Browser Guard (especially on MS Edge browser -screenshot attached) Type: False Previous request to unblock: 20-Dec-2021 Previous Post URL: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/282003-website-blocked-by-malwarebytes-browser-guard/ Current Issue Details: Recently the website https://zeusmerch.com/ is getting blocked by the MalwareBytes Browser Guard for trojan/malicious code alert, esspecially on MS Edge Browser. I have scanned the site and it contains no trojan or malware. I have checked other online URL scanners also, and they are also not showing presence of any trojan or any malicious code on the website. I request you to kindly re-check/re-validate this website once, and, please remove this site from getting blocked by the MalwareBytes Browser Guard at the earliest. Also, if you could let me know why the plugin is blocking it on MS Edge browser-anything which we can avoid to get the site blocked again? Many Thanks, Amit K
  8. Problem: Browser Guard is blocking a website I use daily: www.corjl.com. Background: Unbeknownst to me, corjl.com had some malware issue. On 1/10/22, I contacted them about being unable to access the website. They said they removed a malware threat from their website. It was removed from their staging site, but their main site had to update yesterday. They alleged the limited virus impacted only the Corjl website pages. Troubleshooting: I have tried clearing my Google Chrome Caches and rebooting twice. (I use Windows 11). I tried adding the web urls to the Malwarebytes Allow section and then the IPN addresses too. Unfortunately, as I would add IP addresses to exclude it would continue adding more pop up blocks with additional IP addresses. I tried updating and running a scan as well. It's a complete mess! Overall, I am unable to troubleshoot the problem. Can someone assist please and thank you?
  9. Hello, Recently the website https://zeusmerch.com/ is getting blocked by the MalwareBytes Browser Guard for trojan/malicious code alert, but I have scanned the site and it contains no trojan or malware. I have checked other online URL scanners also, and they are also not showing presence of any trojan or any malicious code on the website. I request you to kindly re-check/re-validate this website once, and, please remove this site from getting blocked by the MalwareBytes Browser Guard at the earliest. Many Thanks, Amit K
  10. Hi Malware byte Team. I would like to request to remove the website "rebelcom.ch" from your blacklist. The website is detected by Browser Guard. Kindly reviewed the website and if there's still any problem on the website please inform us so we can fix it. Thank you
  11. In March, when I asked about what AV should use I also was recommend to use MB Browser Guard extension on Chrome (my main Browser) and experts reffered also that it is not avaliable for Safari. Going on the App Store, in the area of extension for safari I saw the extension (image 1). I got curious and went to check the MB official site abou the extension and it says (still) "Only for Chrome, Firefox and Edge". Is this a legit or an impersonater. Sorry for any miss spells (english is not my primary language, as you can see in the images) and also sorry if this is the wrong section to insert the topic. Best regards, MS PS: link for my original post:
  12. Hi why Malwarebytes Browser Guard is not basilisk web-browser support ? I hope to we have this web browser to be supported by MBG soon !
  13. Our customers are contacting us due to the inability to download our software. All of our software has been virus free/adware free since 1993. I created a support Ticket 2/3 days ago and only received an acknowledgement of the ticket being submitted. here is one such error from one of our sites. Downloads are from saltybrine.com, foldermatch.com and folderClone.com . We need to have this false positive corrected as we have loyal and new customers awaiting their program. Thank you.
  14. Heyo, The Clickteam Fusion apps have been getting a lot of blocks recently, causing the Clickteam staff to churn out builds trying to avoid blocks. (hxxps://community.clickteam.com/threads/107988-Build-292-27-Release-version) My site recently was flagged by Google for a single Fusion app, and the app was considered fine for years prior. I rebuilt with a new version, and it passed a verification on Google's side. At any rate, this website is self-hosted, the server machine does not allow remote login, and the login doesn't even use a password, so I'm certain there is no malicious activity. But feel free to give any URLs that are or were causing the bad rep. It should also be noted this site also hosts some free servers for gaming on the same IP, which several indie/free games use, like FNAF multiplayer, I Wanna Be The Boshy, A Dark Place, etc. The block also affects all these games, as the would-be gamers can no longer use the servers if they have MalwareBytes in use. (There's a bandwidth cap of few kb/s which is fine for games, but not for file transfer, it'd be faster to encode in Base64 and put on Pastebin.) Could you please investigate at your earliest convenience? Cheers, ~SortaCore
  15. To my horror I have found that you are blocking my clients website tandara.info with browser guard. I have long reccomended malwarebytes to my clients and with the recent updates often including browser guard installation some of my clients customers also found that the website tandara.info was blocked by browser guard and called my clients. This all happened in the lead up to an important spring bull sale, and due to covid my clients were especially reliant on the website to disseminate information on these high value bulls. The incident has badly damaged my repuation as well as that of my clients, and that it is the result of a poorly conceived blanket ban on a legitimate top level domain fills me with cold fury. I believe that your company will find itself the subject of legal proceedings for reputational damage and defamation in many jusridictions on account of this policy. For the moment I demand that you white list tandar.info IMMEDIATELY Johan Wehtje
  16. Hello, I tried visiting Amazon.ca this morning and I get the message from Browser Guard: Website blocked due to trojan Website blocked: www.amazon.ca Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity. We strongly recommend you do not continue. I am getting the same result from Chrome and Firefox where I have Browser Guard installed. I have no problems visiting Amazon.com, and yesterday the .ca site was fine. Any ideas what's going on, and does that mean Amazon.ca's site is compromised? Thanks!
  17. I use Firefox Monitor to determine if my email address has been involved in any known data breaches. Unfortunately, my email address has been involved in a few. I am trying to get my credentials updated for Leet, but when I attempted not navigate to Leet's website, leet.cc, Malwarebytes Browser Guard swooped in with the following: This is the website provided under the developer information for the LEET Servers for Minecraft app on the Google Play store. I am wondering if this website truly is suspicious, or if this is a false positive. If this is truly a suspicious site, I am curious as to how I should go about addressing my involvement in the breach. Firefox info: 79.0 (64-bit) Browser Guard info: Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi all, When I visit https://anime-planet.com/ I get a message warning of 2 Malware, this is a recent alert as I use this site daily and haven't seen it before. This website has been around since 2000 and is extremely popular/trusted. I have ran various malware/virus scans and no services have any issues with the site. Could the alert be removed? Reports: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/ed5ef2a9680d7806bd3afbd4cd43ff5a33fab18f804e012c097960bb8ab61310/detection https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/https/anime-planet.com https://scanner.pcrisk.com/detailed_report/anime-planet.com#details Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi there Can you please Whitelist the following site which I believe has been flagged as a false positive. https://igarewards.com.au/ Results from Virus Total https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/944259ad22ec248a6bc20f7f8f04ecf39a54e41edc45ed1eca016ce71524f69e/detection Cheers
  20. Hello! Our wesbite, https://cloudagentsuite.com/, is getting blocked by Browser guard in Firefox. Browser Guard in Chrome seems allow access. There's no information on what is causing the block. The only message we get is Virus total link https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/11c991d3b67aa574a663bad8fe6a1f1ab95bab277f9b0071f8840d370e0a7eb9/detection Please let me know if you need more information.
  21. as asked by @gatortail to I have to open up a new topic for an Malwarebytes Browser Guard problems . Firefox user here not a Google chrome . anyway the Issue that I still seeing it is the both options of " I want to continue to the site and do not block this site" none of them works even though I click so many time on both options . well . Malwarebytes Browser Guard most of time not allowed to users to bypassing to the downloads from the developers websites to garbing the wanted software and thus even if you’ve already put a check mark on the "do not block this site" or even to click on "I want to continue to the site" to the allow list ’ but that is still not work here this issue is not specified for all downloads for some but it is for a lot of them around the developers website/official downloads links step to reproduce the issue : look for any well-known and official developer website download any of their software and see if Malwarebytes BG is blocking any of their downloads . if there any blocks by MBG then go to next step if there anything is blocked by MBG then all you need is to downloading one of their exe and if you able to get the file to your download folder then you’re a lucky , if you weren’t able to get the file then MBG will continued to blocking it and you will not be able to grab the file even if you already put a check mark because a new tabs in the web-browser will be opened as a continuation warnings by Malwarebytes browser Gurad hope this will be of any help :.
  22. When I try to use HubSpot Sales for Gmail, Browser Guard is blocking functionality. Specifically, when I try to use a HubSpot email template I get an error saying "Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension." - see attached image. I have already added "Hubspot.com" to the allowed list - see attached image. I'd like to have Browser Guard protection AND be able to use HubSpot. Any ideas?
  23. a software called a check disk gui is being blocked already by Malwarebytes Browser Guard version2.2.4 . the software last update is on 2014 so it possible to be a false positive .
  24. today Malwarebytes Browser Guard version 2.2.2 has to have Sfcfix by niemiro blocked which is a false positive tool page : https://www.sysnative.com/forums/downloads/sfcfix/ download link : https://www.sysnative.com/niemiro/apps/SFCFix.exe a screenshot of the block has been attached to this post .
  25. installed version of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard is 2.2.2 and it sometime MB keeps blocking their ZIP files and as of sudden MB somehow has unlocking the blocks from their ZIP files and it now MB has to their EXE files to be blocked . I do not understand why MB is does blocking and unblocking "switch" their software by itself
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