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  1. According to the Sysadmin thread one user simply installed the update with regular MB installed and running. I have not recieved the updates yet, so I dont know.
  2. More info can be found here: One user reports that update went fine on regualar Malwarebytes.
  3. We are looking for the same information, I have not found anything either. Will MB please give us some information regarding this issue?
  4. Impossible to know for sure, only relaying info I got through my support case with MB. Welcome to modern software/services development, everything is like that lately
  5. For anyone else experiencing these issues, Malwarebytes are reporting that the root cause has been found and that it will be fixed in and upcoming update. Update is expected to be ready soon.
  6. In our case it breaks everything, which is bad. We are using Norwegian as our language, and we have thought the same. It has happened with other software before, e.g a program looking for "Administrators", but in Norwegian that would be "Administratorer". I guess the case would be the same for other languages like German. I have not gotten a timeframe for a fix yet, but they tell me the Cloud team is working on it. I will update this thread when I have more info.
  7. Hey Christof, We are experiencing the same problem. This has caused huge slowdowns in our entire network the last weeks, glad to finally have found the culprit. In our case the Domain Controllers got flooded and that causes things to break. I'm opening a case as well. Did you get a response from them?
  8. I have a suggestion for the Task Status tag. When MB Cloud completes a task, it shows the task as "Success". The problem with this is that it shows status "Success" even if the task itself failed. I had this happen to me when MB quarantined an important file on a server shortly after rollout. As I was monitoring I quickly tried to restore it via MB, and when it showed "Success" I thought all was OK. Several hours later I was informed that the system was in fact not working, and after digging through MB Clouds event log for that particular server (endpoint) it showed a "Warning" and that "Failed to Restore from Quarantine". Please show "Warning" or "Failed" instead of "Success" on the Tasks panel.
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