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  1. Thanks for the response. How odd that there isn't a similar extension for Safari...
  2. What does Malwarebytes for Mac do, if anything, to protect against phishing? As we all know, that is the main threat vector and I want to put something on my mother's Macbook to protect her against some of the more clever phishing attempts as she is not very technically inclined. I didn't see anything on the product page that specifically referenced phishing protection...
  3. Flash scan and Full scan ran successfully after applying the MS patch and rebooting. Now I'm trying to troubleshoot why Symantec is giving me issues even after applying all their Live Updates...
  4. I'm running MBAE & MBAM as well as Symantec on my Windows 10 machine. about 20 minutes after manually performing a Live Update in Symantec, Windows update downloaded the patch (KB4056892). I'm worried though...if Symantec's Live Update edits the registry key as referenced in Microsoft's advisory thereby signalling to Windows Update that it's okay to install the patch, my concern is that my other AV product (Malwarebytes) isn't necessarily compatible with the patch. Symantec tweaked the registry key to install the patch without consideration of Malwarebytes... I'll reboot and perform a full MB scan of my machine and report back.
  5. I just checked Symantec's website and they're weirdly silent on the matter as well. My guess is that the AV vendors have been asked to stay mum on the issue until everything gets sorted...
  6. Apologies if Malwarebytes has already issued a statement regarding the CPU security vulnerability announced this week but I couldn't find anything on your website or Twitter page. Microsoft announced that their patch is only being released via Windows Update for systems that are running compatible anti-virus products (or no AV product) as the patch can lead to instability for machines running a small number of anti-virus products on the market. I am running Windows 10 and have not seen a patch come down for my machine via Windows Update so I am assuming Malwarebytes is not confirmed to work with Microsoft's patch. Is that accurate? If so, when do you anticipate being able to confirm with Microsoft that your product works with the MS patch? An advisory page on your site for this would be helpful...I may have overlooked it.
  7. Anyone? I submitted a ticket as well and haven't heard back...
  8. We are running Malwarebytes Management Console and we routinely have issues logging in and have to routinely bounce the server to get it working again. Also, we often log in to the management console and find it to be extremely sluggish with "Not Responding" being shown in the title bar. Today, a colleague was met with the attached. Please provide guidance on what to do to troubleshoot. CPU & RAM utilization are very low but let me know if there are other resources we should be checking...
  9. Our heavy Excel users are experiencing extreme sluggishness with Malwarebytes as well. What is the latest guidance on this matter? You mentioned disabling DEP Enforcement in MBAE for Windows 7 SP1 64 bit machines but is it safe to do this for 32 bit versions of Win7 as well? What about XP - we still, unfortunately, have several dozen of those.
  10. I recall reading a thread a while back on how to integrate the MBAM/MBAE for Business client onto a corporate workstation OS image but cannot locate it using the search function. What is Malwarebytes' latest guidance on this matter?
  11. Client integration is nice but I'm more concerned about whether this would require licensing beyond what we already purchased with MBAM & MBAE.
  12. My company just purchased MBAE & MBAM for Business so I'm curious if you plan to integrate this new technology into one of those products. it would be disappointing to learn that your new research efforts in this area would not be included in one of those products and would require a separate purchase for enterprise customers.
  13. We are experiencing this issue and have an open ticket with no resolution (929689). Did they provide you with a fix?
  14. The client count associated with some or all of our client groups in the management console has been erratic of late and we do not know why. One example is a group that had 70 clients in it but now lists only 6. We will reboot the management server when time permits but is there a known cause and associated fix for this behavior? Thanks.
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