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  1. Dear all Problem: After my MacBook Pro wakes up from hibernation, I have to wait about 2 minutes until my keyboard and mouse is usable. Funfact: Only happens when WIFI is turned ON. It's definitly MEP's fault, because it doesn't happen when the client is uninstalled, and a second MacBook (Air) has the same issue, but not as often. Any solution? Regards Christof
  2. In addition, why isn't it possible the disable Exploit Checking in exclusions for files and folders?
  3. Dear MB-Team This file get's quarantined every time: Acrobat_DC_Set-Up.exe Malware.Exploit.Agent.Generic Can you check? Just installed latest signatures. Didn't help. Regards Christof
  4. Good morning, I'm currently having issues installing Endpoint Protection on a Windows 2008 Server. The agent installs sucessful but it doesn't continue with installing the Client itself. Anything I can do? Greetings, Christof
  5. Some clients reported online directly after the installation, but after the next reboot it's gone. Strangely BOTH services are running, so this isn't the issue. I think there must be some Windows Update or Software issues, as I have customers which do not have this issue on any client, and others are completely offline. It seems to happen more often on Windows 7, but I also have clients with Windows 10 (but upgraded in place from 7).
  6. Dear all, Will the issues with clients not visible / appearing offline ever be fixed? I did a reinstall on several clients, before the removal was done with and without the /cloud parameter. Still - today some clients are not online again, altough the have the latest version installed. This is really getting annoying. I could have saved a lot of many for my customers if I just sticked to Malwarebytes standalone if this isn't working.
  7. Good morning, Since the new cloud console is up, I have 11 machines INFECTED. I was shocked at first, but then I've seen that it was simply webblocker activity which caused my clients to be "infected" now. To be honest, I don't know ANYONE could have such an idea. Why should a machine marked as infected when a website got blocked? Regards, Christof
  8. Sorry, that's just wrong. For example, I did a brand new installation last week on a client, this is what it shows: Product Name: Endpoint Protection ( Product Name: Asset Manager ( We all now that this was a buggy version. It doesn't even seem to update itself now.
  9. When can we expect that the download in the cloud is up2date? I think that's important....
  10. I think so, because I thought I never enabled the early start protection. But can't tell you anymore.
  11. I don't see the problem. That's a legitimate software for hardware dongles. Or am I mixing something up? https://sentinelcustomer.gemalto.com/sentineldownloads/ I had to install this myself for one of my customers. Don't know why you want to detect it?
  12. Hi Dyllon, Is only the "Enable Self-Protection Module Early Start" which can cause problems or also the "Enable Self-Protection Module"? At the moment I disabled the "Enable Self-Protection" Module.
  13. I agree with that. To be honest I LIKE that my clients do not see anything at all. If something they needed got removed, they should call me to check.
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