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  1. In addition, why isn't it possible the disable Exploit Checking in exclusions for files and folders?
  2. Dear MB-Team This file get's quarantined every time: Acrobat_DC_Set-Up.exe Malware.Exploit.Agent.Generic Can you check? Just installed latest signatures. Didn't help. Regards Christof
  3. Good morning, I'm currently having issues installing Endpoint Protection on a Windows 2008 Server. The agent installs sucessful but it doesn't continue with installing the Client itself. Anything I can do? Greetings, Christof
  4. Some clients reported online directly after the installation, but after the next reboot it's gone. Strangely BOTH services are running, so this isn't the issue. I think there must be some Windows Update or Software issues, as I have customers which do not have this issue on any client, and others are completely offline. It seems to happen more often on Windows 7, but I also have clients with Windows 10 (but upgraded in place from 7).
  5. Dear all, Will the issues with clients not visible / appearing offline ever be fixed? I did a reinstall on several clients, before the removal was done with and without the /cloud parameter. Still - today some clients are not online again, altough the have the latest version installed. This is really getting annoying. I could have saved a lot of many for my customers if I just sticked to Malwarebytes standalone if this isn't working.
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