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  1. I recommend Avira Antivir as well. It topped my security product tests, AV tests.
  2. Just need a moderator to review it, as a second look. Then, this will be solved.
  3. Hi The IP remains clean. I believe, also, that it a false positive.
  4. If the advertisement is loaded in to an advertising marketing initiative, (like Tribal Fusion, Doubleclick, etc) then it will be blocked. I have seen many sites where the company had the ad hosted in through the marketing network, instead of their own site. This would be why it is blocked. Like I said above, if the technology improves, it will only block the ad, and not the site. See what I mean? And your criticism is good, because it is constructive (it is meant to help improve based on opinion). If you were giving destructive criticism (bad customer experience or general hate), then you would explain yourself. MBAM is always developing, and if it weren't for user opinons, it would be hard to figure out what needs fixed. Remember, the user's safety on the Internet, and how the product works for the user -- are most important.
  5. Hello, friend. I would not necessarily think that Malwarebytes would block every GoDaddy domain. Even MysteryFCM can agree to that. However, GoDaddy has been known for bad customer reports, and does not "pre-screen" domains beforehand. What bothers me about GoDaddy is that they verify their own site. They provide their own certificates, and are a TRUSTe (2) seal holder as well. The big thing to note, though, is that they significantly miss the verification side. It does not make their company bad, but like other good companies, they have their issues. This is also not to say, that ALL of their domains are bad. Just a group of them. Many are under the same IP. Now the deal with GoDaddy hosted sites, and ad-based networking. Some websites, like the one you noted, seem to have ads on their page, and when the ad is blocked, the entire site is blocked. If it were me, I would make a suggestion to only block ads with bad IPs instead of the entire domain. Using a smarter technology, Malwarebytes will become a great ad-blocker using IP protection, as well. It is not so much this is a bad technology or good technology, what matters is how smart it works. It would be a great idea to point it out. Take a look here, and you will see the labeling and WhoIs data on that IP. It will be of great assistance to both of you. Thankfully, MysteryFCM has put together an amazing database, and does really well managing it. In fact, it would be good if he commented here on this topic, as well. Overall, I think it will be an advantageous technology and raise Malwarebytes up to the top-of-the-line technology. Many of the best malware experts work for Malwarebytes and I am glad to see this technology do so well.
  6. Please see this topic for help concerning IP protection.
  7. Hello. This IP contains a large amount of domains that are known for distributing malware and conducting malicious activities. hpHosts MDL MalwareURL These three sites list that IP, which means malware and malicious activity is the reason why the IP is blocked.
  8. http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.p...c=22036&hl= As MysteryFCM told you on the topic listed above, IAC sites are not desired and should be avoided, which is why they are blocked.
  9. I advise to post a suggestion in Comments and Suggestions.
  10. There may be a lot of companies mad, but it is the user's safety on the Internet that Malwarebytes is concerned about.
  11. IP range - is blocked. IAC / Ask.com : IAC Search Media Inc. - Known for distributing malware. Therefore, even though Vimeo does not distribute malware, IAC does. So, the IP is blocked.
  12. Hello. I am DragonMaster Jay. I have come to Malwarebytes forums to discuss security and other computer ideas.
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