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  1. Hi! Wanted to ask if you can also study the app "ai.type" - as I have collected information regarding it on my device. It is popping up in a browser window sent through Linux browser (AKA the Android System Webview) during/after Google Play apps update; however, ai.type does not appear to be using Batmobi - even though they are sending analytics and ad association data 40-60 times/minute. They do use Adjust.io ad kit, however, and decided to communicate data with the server just before launching popup on test device. They used spoofed app ID "com.apalon.myclockfree" with referrer from Mobobeat.biz, and utilized domain for callback URL, ".stats-location.com". Would you check this app, ai.type, to reproduce, and see if it has integration with Batmobi? The registration in the XML data sent has 302 codes, which signals redirects similar to those already mentioned. This is the same redirection scheme being used in "click302.h5mone.com" - therefore, I wanted to provide data I had gathered as well. Please get back to me soon.
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