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  1. Thanks for YOUR time MysteryFCM ... It will be a pleasure to surprise YOU with a site CLEAN of MALICIOUS activities ... That being said Your Customers will be inform of YOUR decision ... Have a GOOD day MysteryFCM
  2. I guess YOU will tell me .... Did YOU found any malicious activities ?
  3. The Domain name is www.bird-box.net
  4. Thanks for YOUR answer MysteryFCM .... So because there has been report of malicious activities on some addresses YOU are BLOCKING access to the FULL range .... Out of interest, do YOU have a Rules stating which percentage of reported malicious addresses will trigger the Blockade of the range ? and what is the Percentage for "Greatnet New Media" ? As far YOUR customers are concerned .... For the time being ... they are turning OFF YOUR proggy when they visit OUR CLEAN site ... Some even reported they have to reboot .... Do YOU have OTHER solutions to suggest ? Thanks in advance ...
  5. Is Blocked by your IP Protection ... We believe it's a False Positive ... Thanks in Advance
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