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  1. Hah...not easy feeling the pressure of your property stolen. That is what happens when rogue companies steal from legit companies.
  2. Yes. The first it was most recognized was not just last week. It has been known for several weeks to a few months. Evil Fantasy, a regular here - had found the info, as well as a few others (unknown to me). I will let Evil Fantasy comment if he wants on that information. If you noticed, on the one topic at IOBit that was pointed out in the first advisory by RubbeR DuckY, Evil Fantasy replied on that topic. I believe that he was one that helped out in this case. I found out about the noticed stolen database last month and tested the both programs myself. I found tons of duplicates of MBAM's database (DB), that was in IOBit's DB. Now, IOBit becomes a rogue security software. Until they can clean up their act, they are rogue.
  3. I just could not believe when I tested it a month ago, that they were using signature names similar to MBAM. How effective was the test? I tested against 452 trojans, 103 rogues, 342 viruses, and 23 adware/PUPs. Then, I used Log Comparator to check the results. 3/5 of the results were exact similarities in signature naming. I only have stats, I did not get the SHA1 hash of any of the malware testing
  4. MS-MVP Minty White did a review of IOBit Security 360, you might want to check out: http://mintywhite.com/software-reviews/sec...-reader-review/
  5. Added criticism entry on IOBit Security 360 Wikipedia page. Please correct any information, or let me know if anything should be changed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IObit_Security_360#Criticism
  6. IOBit has done quite a few things that indirectly refer to them as being guilty. Although they attempt to give reasonable doubt, it is obvious by their actions - the guilt they possess.
  7. Actually, zaphod, I am a regular over there and I ended up checking that for myself. Possibly read this comment by me (jpvip on WOT), and Sami (programmer at WOT): http://www.mywot.com/en/forum/4775-iobit-s...2#comment-22512
  8. I am convinced that IOBit is guilty in this situation, as I have even checked signatures myself through testing. (Bad part is, I lost the results, otherwise I'd upload them here - stupid VM). Anyway, I did think hanging them on a wooden cross would be extreme.
  9. big lol: http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=4802 They are frail.
  10. It is quite amazing that they want to try to "cover it up" and think that we have not seen the evidence or heard about the issue. That would make them guilty, correct?
  11. It should get quite a bit of comments on WOT: http://www.mywot.com/en/forum/4775-iobit-s...ectual-property
  12. Haha funny thing is...a lot of people are testing it, too. I wonder if any one else has noticed so far. I saw the detection of Malwarebytes lots of times, and then I saw detection of IOBit, and I will agree I have seen fully similar malware names. The funny part was this: http://www.iobit.com/testnow.html
  13. Malwarebytes' DB gets stolen by IOBit, action requested I just published a news article to help spread the word about it.
  14. The update engine has a problem communicating with the server when resources are 50% or greater on your computer. This is because Avira does not want the system to be slowed down, during the update process. I asked this question back when I was beta testing the Avira Antivir 9 suite early this year.
  15. I am continuously testing security software, except now based on actual standards. I am working with a Comodo developer on getting the products tested. I would say that 100% is not possible. Antivirus software can still have one or two issues that do not get addresses. However. Avira keeps up well.
  16. I have. I really realized what some were saying.
  17. Hi nice to see you again. Sorry for those harsh comments in the past. No hard feelings, really.
  18. Hi, welcome to the forum. This is not a false positive. The IP hosts a slew of malicious, fraudulent, and scamming domains. hpHosts MalwareURL
  19. Well, there you have it. Not a false positive, my bad for the assumption it was good.
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