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  1. Wow she's hawt....anyway Happy B-Day!
  2. It was probably a logical error by Danerd9. I am sure he meant no harm.
  3. A few other things. Most of them were small functions of bigger products. I listed them in the IObit debunk thread. (Last story on IObit).
  4. They know they are guilty, they just will not admit it.
  5. It sure was proven after they immediately removed the definitions...sort of like they were caught red-handed, and made an escape as things got ugly. (@MysteryFCM):: Does this still stand: hosts-file.net/?s=iobit.com Fraudulent Security Application?
  6. It does have more features. If you purchase the full version, you will see them.
  7. Malwarebytes is easily becoming one of the strongest forces in computer security. I have no doubts about the power of this anti-malware program.
  8. ^^ Actually that list above by srtools1980y was antispyware. Technically, MBAM is an anti-malware product, so it will find any type of malware. Not just spyware. Same goes for SUPERantispyware and Ad-Aware.
  9. Whether they were removed or not, demand is demand. Unless you have some sort of fact to back up those statements. There is no half-and-half, Jim G. What if Personal Antivirus were to become clean suddenly, and despite still being detected by all security companies, CNET decides to list it because of being declared clean? The speculation is no longer needed, the facts are stated, and as the administrators have said, just do the testing yourself.
  10. The fact still stands, IObit is doing rogue behavior, but are they considered rogue by most security companies? No. Which means that if there is a demand for a product on CNET or MajorGeeks or Softpedia, it is granted. Until a product has been confirmed to be malware, it will not be removed. Most products that some companies consider spyware - a lot of other companies will not. For example, not every security company considers Ask Toolbar as spyware/adware. Therefore, if there is a demand for it, it will be listed on download sites. That does not mean I support IObit, it means that download sites need adequate verifiability to consider something removed from their database.
  11. It is usually bad practice to bundle all EXE's, instead of it all being combined in to one interface, because it slows down the computer it is running on. Yes, I noticed that. I am looking at the VM I am running IObit on, and I can see all the executables. List of Executables started in Processes when IObit Security 360 launches: is360.exe ('USER') is360tray.exe ('USER') is360srv.exe (SYSTEM) == All executables: is360.exe is360tray.exe is360srv.exe a_hijackscan.exe | Hijack Scan b_securityholes.exe | Security Holes c_passivedefense.exe | Passive Defense d_powerfuldelete.exe | Unlock & Delete e_privacysweeper.exe | Privacy Sweeper f_pctuneup.exe | PC Tuneup is360updater.exe unins000.exe
  12. Not so much. Most computers are assigned a Unique IP, and are on the same IP range as others. Computer do not have the same IP unless they are on the same server and have allowed a same IP. IP addresses must be different, because they communicate binary numbers. Usually it is annoying to have the same IP, because of potential issues.
  13. It seems as if IObit has requested some trolls come by and play dumb. I can verify this is true, because I am a forum regular at WOT. This thread proves some Chinese IP addresses were registered at WOT only to post hundreds of ratings/cast votes on IObit.com's scorecard. The author of the comment, Sami, is a programmer at WOT and can back up what he says. http://www.mywot.com/en/forum/4775-iobit-s...4#comment-22534 == I think it is obvious who this person is that is arguing with the experts. EDIT: Added in other info.
  14. This situation is not altogether easy. The only sign that marks IObit products (or at least IObit Security 360) as rogue, would be the fact that they steal databases. The argument against being rogue, would be the fact that they do not explicitly enforce the need to upgrade to higher version just to remove threats. They offer the chance to in the program, but do not explicitly enforce the need to. Then, they do not unusually attempt to penetrate or intrude the system it is running on. They also do not seem to have any illegitimate advertising going on. I see IObit Security 360 as rogue, and should not be used. I am not forcing users to remove IObit products, but giving the user the opportunity to choose. Here is how I state it to the user I am helping (to remove malware): "IObit was recently recorded to be a rogue software distributor. Removing it is optional at the moment, but I recommend to remove IObit software because IObit steals databases of good products." I am not saying it is legal, but if there was a way you can reverse-engineer their software and check it out yourself - you should. I think it is also dumb that they are using 5 years worth of samples of malware. That will not work because: Malware is a continuous and growing danger, and multiplies daily. Botnets are becoming one of the biggest dangers. Detection of malware should be based on behavior not just signatures. Using old removal methods and old databases can cause the file size of the program to be huge. Some of the more difficult malware cannot be removed easily. Having an up-to-date database is the best and biggest priority all security companies should have. If they are going to detect traces, then detect all of them, not just a few. They need to make sure every signature they have in their database is not a carbon copy of another security companies' work. I do not think it is questionable, I think it is arguable - about whether or not IObit is rogue. I think IObit is rogue, but I can find a lot of people who would like to argue, especially IObit users.
  15. Agreed. It isn't just BrotherSoft that hosts bad downloads. I have seen a lot of disagreeable downloads on CNET. Now, on MajorGeeks, not as much.
  16. At least IObit is out of the most popular download sites, right?
  17. Sorry for the delay, the user has not replied, yet. Do you think it is too late?
  18. I already have an optional canned speech for IObit that I am using for the users I help. lol
  19. Thanks for the link...I think the following is a joke: Hah, yeah right...they avoided the situation. Is this completely true? Are they going to steal, or ask permission? -------- They are not very strong apparently. --------- lol, like I said above...Are they going to steal, or ask permission?
  20. I have asked the user to run MBAM in developer mode. Would that work?
  21. Had a user recently who had potential false positives. Please analyze the log. Thanks. Thread: http://www.geekpolice.net/virus-spyware-ma...5511.htm#100693 Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.41 Database version: 3143 Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 11/11/2009 4:51:15 AM mbam-log-2009-11-11 (04-51-15).txt Scan type: Full Scan (C:\|) Objects scanned: 205307 Time elapsed: 2 hour(s), 33 minute(s), 46 second(s) Memory Processes Infected: 0 Memory Modules Infected: 0 Registry Keys Infected: 0 Registry Values Infected: 0 Registry Data Items Infected: 0 Folders Infected: 0 Files Infected: 7 Memory Processes Infected: (No malicious items detected) Memory Modules Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Keys Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Values Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Data Items Infected: (No malicious items detected) Folders Infected: (No malicious items detected) Files Infected: C:\commyFix\Combo-Fix.sys (Rootkit.Agent) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. C:\commyFix11601c\Combo-Fix.sys (Rootkit.Agent) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. C:\System Volume Information\_restore{202550A8-7A33-4BCA-9586-051D24DDBF8F}\RP3\A0007465.sys (Rootkit.Agent) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. C:\System Volume Information\_restore{202550A8-7A33-4BCA-9586-051D24DDBF8F}\RP4\A0012818.ocx (Adware.Gdown) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ReinstallBackups\0005\DriverFiles\i386\atapi.sys (Rootkit) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ReinstallBackups\0013\DriverFiles\i386\atapi.sys (Rootkit) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$\atapi.sys (Rootkit) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
  22. ^^ Not exactly. I hope I can respond, since your post is not clear. If what you mean that companies do not do their own work anymore, that is not all the way true. Malwarebytes does their own database, Avira does their own database, AVG does their own database, Avast - Ikarus - Kaspersky and many more do their own. However, some companies do not, but have permission to pool in the database in to their own small engine to help them get started or to boost their own engine. For example, Emsi Software has their own database but also uses the Ikarus scanning engine as a booster. But, ClamWin pools in the ClamAV database as their engine - the only thing they did was change up or re-create the GUI (graphic user interface) and distribute it. Then, you get to companies that do not ask for permission. Usually rogue software does these tasks. IOBit decided to pool in the Malwarebytes database and boost their own, without permission. They are now rogue. IOBit has pooled in several other databases, which have not been said. It goes, "for every excellent security software, there will be a bunch of rogues copying because they cannot do the work themselves."
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