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  1. Can you check the properties of mbae64.exe and look at the version number?


    I'm guessing this is not the latest as with 1400 we switched to different filename system and it is now called mbae.exe instead of mbae64.exe even in 64bit systems.


    Please install the latest version and let me know if it happens again.

  2. Out of curiosity, what other security software do you have installed on that PC? Might be interesting to know what else was installed or changed at the time it stopped working.


    Also try exiting MBAE from the traybar icon, uninstalling from Control Panel, and installing fresh. Does it run OK then?


    Also could you check that you don't have an older install of ExploitShield on that machine that is also trying to run at the same time?

  3. Did you have a previous install of MBAE or ExploitShield in the same computer? It might be a leftover as that counter is read from the registry. Please post the full log mbae-default.log to see what is going on with those exploit attempts.


    In regards to Pale Moon, a little while ago I posted some instructions on how to do that with Pale Moon portable. I'm sure the regular install would be a similar fix:


  4. It's due to how some programs (ie, chrome, acrobat, etc) open and close some sub-processes with the same name and which also get hooked. For the new GUI we'll do something different. Suggestions are welcomed. IIRC one user suggested some time ago to somehow highlight the protected app similar to what Sandboxie does. Any other ideas?

  5. Ok please try the following now:


    1- Close the mbae.exe process if it's running

    2- Open an elevated CMD prompt (run as admin)

    3- Change directory to %ProgramFiles%\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

    4- Run mbae-uninstaller.exe

    5- Try installing the latest 1400 build again.


    The Desktop shortcut icon is known issue. We fixed it already and will be released in the next build.

  6. Looking into this.


    Can you please try the following:


    1- Post or PM me the contents of mbae-default.log

    2- Close all shielded apps.

    3- Close if present the process mbae.exe. If you can't close post the error msg.

    4- Uninstall from control panel.

    5- Delete %ProgramFiles%\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

    6- Reboot

    7- Install the 1400 build.

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