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  1. 9-12-200

    Has stopped IE10 crash, however, desk top short cut does not open GUI and no tray icon, so cant get to GUI or settings.

    Uninstalled again

    This is due to the known bug "traybar icon disappears". You can't open it again as it is actually already running even though no icon shows. You can kill the mbae.exe process and the run it again to get the GUI back.
  2. Just to let you guys know I installed the latest beta, and the issue is resolved with both IE10 and Opera as well.... Nice work guys....What about a better description of what was/is being blocked so perhaps we could look into it and make the computer more secure?

    It wasn't an issue with your computer but rather a bug with mbae. It's fixed now, thanks for your help in pointing us to the right direction.

  3. The VLC update alert is expected as it performs upgrades in similar manner as how exploits work. We are working to improve this in a generic manner.

    However if you replicate it you should be able to choose the block event from the LOG tab and choose "Exclude" to exclude it from further blocks. Then you will be able to run the update again and it will work ok.

  4. That's weird.... we will have to try to replicate it.


    Just to verify, I know this is a basic question, but can you check this is not part of Win7's automatic traybar icon hiding feature? Click on the doble-up arrows on the traybar and see if it shows up on the balloon with the rest of hidden icons.

  5. I've seen this occur without a restart and without explorer.exe crashing. I've also seen it with previous betas of ExploitShield.

    You mean as in it is there in the traybar and then suddenly disappears? The restart and explorer.exe crash are just two examples. There are other situations where it might happen, such as switching user sessions.

  6. The issue is that it will not let me open the program itself, I do not have firefox or chrome installed on this box.... but so far it happens with IE10 and Opera on this computer.  I can install firefox to test if you like me to.... (not a fan of firefox to be honest)

    Your sig banner threw me off there re: firefox fan ;)


    We are preparing a new release which we think will fix this issue. Please stay tuned for updated news on this release in the next few days.

  7. The exclusion system is working correctly. To see how it works try to upgrade an older version of VLC for example. This should set off a false positive. Then from the LOG tab you can see the block event, select it, and choose "Exclude". After that you should be able to upgrade the older VLC without a false positive.


    In regards to the Add Exclusion button to manually add files to the exclusion list, this is something we will take out completely until the new GUI is finished.

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