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  1. The exclusion system is working correctly. To see how it works try to upgrade an older version of VLC for example. This should set off a false positive. Then from the LOG tab you can see the block event, select it, and choose "Exclude". After that you should be able to upgrade the older VLC without a false positive.


    In regards to the Add Exclusion button to manually add files to the exclusion list, this is something we will take out completely until the new GUI is finished.

  2. Btw, when explorer.exe is killed by some reason and restarted the program icon is no longer shown in the system tray (the process is still running in the background).


    Yes this is known issue. In the future as we develop the GUI and service from scratch this should be fixed. For now its just an annoying bug. You can kill the process and run it again to recover the traybar icon.

  3. Plays well with others?

    (I run KIS on my 3 rigs, and KL products can be a bit finicky about other real-time security apps.)

    In the vast majority of the cases it should play well with others. We've done some testing over the last year and only found incompatibilities with Webroot, Comodo and Trusteer. The Webroot and Trusteer issues were fixed and Comodo issue still remains if I'm not mistaken. If you find other incompatibilities please let us know so we can get them fixed!

  4. I have mixed emotions about this being integrated into MBAM Pro, but I understand why. It would be great if there was a standalone version even after it is integrated as the amount of computers that are made vulnerable by Java, Adobe Reader, flash, shockwave etc


    Sorry I should have been clearer in my response above. When I said integrating into Malwarebytes GUI I meant as a stand-alone "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" application with Malwarebytes look-and-feel, not integrating into MBAM (at least not for the short or mid term).

  5. Thanks for the welcome Marcin!


    @salmon, the technology is based on the concept of application shielding. It monitors the behaviour of certain applications (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, MS Office, Adobe Reader, Java, etc.) and prevents the successful exploitation of vulnerabilities by detecting exploit-like behaviour. The product itself provides real-time protection and it's not required to run any type of manual scans... simply install and forget.


    Since it does not rely on blacklisting it does not need to be updated with new signatures. New versions will be released in the future but a simple uninstall/install will suffice for now to upgrade to the newer versions (which don't happen that often). In the future when we integrate with Malwarebytes GUI and advanced features one of the things we need to look at is hot upgrading to new versions.


    During beta we've made the full version available for free. Once out of beta it will follow the same approach as MBAM Pro.


    I hope this helps clarify things a bit.

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