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  1. Thanks for posting Wojtek. This is a known issue. Basically the traybar icon fails to load correctly even though the process mbae.exe and the protection are still running. As a workaround until we fix this try killing mbae.exe from the TaskManager (you will have to run TaskManager as admin) and then running MBAE again from the Start menu.

  2. There are certain OS components that we do shield, as is the case of Windows Scripting Host and Windows Help, as those may be used or have been used in the past by exploits in-the-wild. But we do not shield the entire system (i.e. all running processes) as that could cause system instability. Our technology shields applications and while it is generic/proactive in nature, it is applied on a per application basis.

  3. Yes, you would have to rename them back to their original filename before upgrading them. Keep in mind that neither Seamonkey nor Palemoon are officially supported by MBAE, so this workaround is at your own risk.

  4. I'm on Win7x64, Core i5-2500k OC'ed to 3.9Ghz (air cooling on CM Hyper 612 in a tropical climate), 8GB RAM, 238GB Samsung 830 SSD (OS drive), using the Intel integrated graphics HD 3000. A screenshot of Win Task Mngr and MBAE is attached below. Refering to the MBAE window, I just noticed Opera doesn't show up in MBAE's log, although it does show that a 4th app is protected, which is presumably Opera? Hope this helps.


    Please close MBAE.exe and wait for it to exit completely. Then delete the file log.data.dat from the MBAE installation directory and run MBAE and then Opera again. Does it show now?

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