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  1. Why isn't this issue even listed in the known issues of the post about the new version is out?




    Done, thanks for pointing this out.


    @pbust - is it possible for outdated Java/Flash/Windows components to cause Opera to crash when MBAE is run?


    Shouldn't. We'll take a closer look at this. Just out of curiosity, why does nobody want to upgrade to Opera 15 which doesn't seem to have any issues with MBAE?

  2. Don't really need to clean registry as those are just basic counters and not needed for MBAE to run. The deletion of the folder should not be necessary either as the new version installer will overwrite the files inside the directory. Finally the installer will ask for elevated privileges if it detects it is not running as admin.

    Thanks for confirming that is working correctly with Opera 12, this is great news!!


    Btw for now during beta we only have manual upgrades to new versions. For the final release we will incorporate automatic upgrades to new versions.

  3. From what we know this crash happens with Opera 12 and doesn't seem to happen in newer Opera versions. But the issue with feedly is interesting, we'll have to take a closer look at it to see if we can replicate it with the latest Opera as well. Thanks for reporting!

  4. The "0 shielded apps counter" issue is a known issue of the GUI. It doesn't affect the actual protection.


    Are you running the very latest WSA? When you open IE10 or Firefox, does MBAE injcet its DLL into the browsers? One easy way to verify this is to search within ProcessExplorer or ProcessHacker for MBAE.DLL and it will show you if it is injected in the process space of the browser.

  5. Hey ritchie good to see you here!


    Maybe Immunet is using IE o launch some type of background task using some non-standard methods?

    Or it could be a bug with MBAE. Let's give 0.9.3 a try (about to be released) to discard a recent bug we fixed. If it continues to occur with 0.9.3 then we'll have to take a deeper look. Please keep an eye on this forum for the announcement of MBAE 0.9.3.



  6. I use Pale Moon and was kind of wondering the same thing.........


    So, what you are saying is to go to C:\Program Files\Pale Moon and rename the file Pale Moon.exe to Firefox.exe and the browser wil be shielded?

    Yes, correct.

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