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Very Random Question


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This is a really random question. I play aoe3 and frequent the agecommunity.com forums. The buttons (I use google chrome) on the forums (i.e. the previous and next. see http://forum.agecommunity.com/forums/thread/473224.aspx) are busted unless you used compatability view. I have been trying to figure out how one would fix that (so i can tell the site admin to fix it) but cant figure it out.

Yes I know this is random, but anyone know how you would fix em?

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woot found it using trusty google inspect element. Go to inspect element for the previous or next then look in the right hand corner of the google element ui, uncheck display: inline-block; and it goes back to normal. Is this a perm fix or will it bust in other browsers? And what is the inline-block thing?

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I had actually typed up a reply explaining what was wrong and how to fix it earlier, but had accidentally closed that browser window and lot it all. :lol:

Simply stated, the image is 27 pixels tall, and whoever wrote the CSS is using padding-bottom and padding-top for the height of the image. They have those set to 10px and 3px, which is 13 pixels total. They just need to fix that in their CSS file (which Ron already mentioned), so that together the padding-bottom and padding-top both add up to 27. ;)

Edit: as for why they did this, I cannot say. I know of no reason to set the values smaller than the image size in the CSS, and as far as I know it would display incorrectly in all web browsers with the current values (or at least anything with a standards-compliance similar to or better than IE7).

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