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  1. Hi, So I go to log on to my computer and cannot access the explorer - i keep getting "the application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000142 click ok to close the application" when I start up my comp. I am only able to access programs by running them after starting the task manager. Any ideas? I've scanned for viruses and got nothing
  2. I was quite impressed with IE9. However, I find that using compatibility mode is annoying. Also I use G-Mail and it has issued in ie9, especially in compatability mode (which is odd) so I use Chrome 100% of the time. Perhaps IE10 will be flawless, but as for IE9...I think Chrome has it beat. Do not suggest Firefox either lol. I think FF is a joke mainly because it feels like a rip off of IE. Chrome is smooth and sexy for the most part, but FF is a little dated now I think (with the big tabs and whatnot. I mean, even IE9 has slimmed down a bit...). While performance reports indicate that all 3 browsers test similarly, it comes down to what you like. I truly never thought I would switch from IE, but then Chrome came along--that's what happens in browser wars...people's allegiances change, old powers fall and new ones rise.
  3. woot found it using trusty google inspect element. Go to inspect element for the previous or next then look in the right hand corner of the google element ui, uncheck display: inline-block; and it goes back to normal. Is this a perm fix or will it bust in other browsers? And what is the inline-block thing?
  4. hmm I think that was just a bad example since that one is completely out of wack. check this one (I am just trying to figure out why only half of the button displays)...http://forum.agecommunity.com/forums/thread/942281.aspx
  5. This is a really random question. I play aoe3 and frequent the agecommunity.com forums. The buttons (I use google chrome) on the forums (i.e. the previous and next. see http://forum.agecommunity.com/forums/thread/473224.aspx) are busted unless you used compatability view. I have been trying to figure out how one would fix that (so i can tell the site admin to fix it) but cant figure it out. Yes I know this is random, but anyone know how you would fix em?
  6. Does this conflict with my MBAM PRO or my MSE at all? If so, should I add exceptions? Thnx
  7. I know that this isn't a major problem, but was wondering if there was any progress on the custom skin for the forums? Although this is obviously a minor thing, it is always nice to see new updates to this site and the program, as it reminds us that Malwarebytes is always moving forward and working hard Cheers
  8. I am having a lot of trouble with my wirless at home. At college I have no issues, but when I am home my wireless drops out every 10-15 minutes and it is very annoying. Our wireless setup is circa 2010 so its very new, so I cannot figure out what the issue is. All the settings seem to be normal, but I don't know why it keeps dropping in and out... I have an XPS 15 w/ Winows 7 64-bit. I would appreciate any help.
  9. I disabled the TeaTimer as it eats up alot of memory. Do I need to add any exceptions to MBAM PRO or MSE for either Spywareblaster and SBSD? Thanks for the responses.
  10. Which would you reccomend, SBSD or Spywareblaster? The reason I like SBSD is due to the scan feature...I feel like Spywareblaster doesn't do anything.
  11. Hey all, With Spybot - S & D I have a few questions. What exactly is the TeaTimer and do I need it? And does the Immunize feature essentially do what Spywareblaster does? I am running MBAM PRO and MSE so I hope there are no complications with the three programs. Thanks in advance.
  12. I think now may be a great time to do a makeover of the actual site - perhaps organize the layout, add a few more things, and change the light blue color to a color that matches these new forums more (a dark blue)? Just a suggestion though! Cheers
  13. Looks very cool -- I love seeing Malwarebytes expand
  14. Hi, I think this may be a problem with the program -- I had this very same issue and it was not resolved until I uninstalled MBAM and then did a clean install. Previously, I checked the update tab and it was set to auto-update. It worked for a bit, but stopped once the database updated then it never worked again. As I said, I had to reinstall it. Just wanted to let you know in case there is a problem with the program itself....(although it's probably just me ).
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