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ComboFix left me hanging


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Hi there,

I got infected with a nasty virus (long story, but now my SO isn't allowed to use my PC...).

In looking through these forums, I saw a thread (http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=96414) that matched my situation almost exactly, so I followed along.

I ran the DDS script and saw "signs of a nasty RootKit," as LDTate phrased it. So I followed the advice he gave there, and ran ComboFix.

It successfully identified and removed the RootKit, and after it was al done, I was able to run Malwarebytes, and all shows clean.

The lingering problem I have is that I can't connect to my network. In the descriptions of ComboFix's operation, it's mentioned that it takes control of the PC's network access while running, then restores it when it's done. It seems to have missed the restore step on my PC. I had a wireless network card handy, so I installed it, but I get the same thing, I can't see out from the PC. The router works, as other devices are connecting fine.

I'm also seeing a few other strange things. I was looking for the ComboFix log file in Windows Explorer, and found that ComboFix shows up in the C:\ directory as a computer. In it, there is a mirror of my PC, including, of course, another ComboFix computer. Drilling down, it's as if I have a recursive black hole. As many folders as I expand, the structure keeps repeating. Turtles all the way down, so to speak.

Any ideas on how to restore my network connectivity?



P.S. Forgive any typos, as I'm using my SO's Mac to post this. Oh, the irony.

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