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I've just bought myself a netbook for my final year at university and I was wondering if I can have mail from the same email address going to Outlook on my main laptop and to thunderbird on the netbook (eg myname@emailprovider.co.uk set up on both outlook and thunderbird), so I can get emails where ever I am.

I have been on the internet but get mixed messages( :lol: ).

I don't think that there should be a problem but just want to make sure.


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There shouldn't be a problem with that, since the master email database is kept on the web on the email provider's website, so both clients (Outlook and Thunderbird) simply interact with that, so if you were to receive new mail, it would simply be downloaded/synced with both clients. The same is true for your sent messages, if your email provider saves sent mails, then that folder would update in both clients no matter which client you used for sending the email (the same as they would had you sent the email from the web page of the provider instead of from one of your email clients).

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Yes, it's possible.


If you wish to receive all your emails on both machines, you need to set up the accounts in your email software so that a copy of the email will be left on the server (you can also set it so that the email on the server will be deleted from the server when you delete an email in your email software, or after a certain number of days).

This setting is usually located on the Advanced Tab.

Let us know if you need more help with that :)

Ooops, too late :P

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