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Manually Updating new release 1.51

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I have been Using Malwarebytes for a long time now, love it, but with the new release when i try to clean an infected machine I usually have a clean one download the current Rules.ref and then transfer it via USB to the infected machine putting it in the proper places.

With this new update now matter when i update the Rules.ref...they always show as 5/28/2011 as last time updated in the program. Please help

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When I finally get the computer online and update the program..then it will say the correct date...really I don't understand how It can't be using the "new" rules.ref considering they are the only ones in there..I'm just confused on why it can't get the right date? Perhaps a bug?

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Like I said earlier, if you copy the current rules file in the right location and replace the old one, it will scan using the current definition file during the scan.

In order to update the gui, you would have to do an update from within Malwarebytes. It will download the file once more (even if its the same version) and then update the gui.

As a matter of fact, I asked this a while back and suggested it, You can find it Right HERE

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Hello rneufield,

Are you a part of a tech shop? It is against the EULA to use MBAM as a part of a paid service without proper licensing. If you've already contacted Completed THIS and have the proper credentials or this doesn't apply please disregard this part.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate it.

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